Slot machine for SALE – “Merlin”

Slot machine for SALE – “Merlin”




Merlin online slot game

In this legend, the magician Merlin, a mentor and advisor to King Arthur, is the master of the beasts and can assume the form of any forest animal. Living in the forest a hermit, by its sorcery helps all animals, saving from wounds and poisonings, heals their spirit and body. The mysterious elder communicates with birds, creating new spells, helping the king avoid defeat in battle with the enemy. He looks into the future, studies the event and changes it in favor of the ruler, giving wise advice. As the chief sorcerer of the kingdom, he studies the unusual science of the stars, their influence on the forces of nature. His helper wild raven always warns the wizard of the dangers ahead, so Merlin is always a few steps ahead of the plans of his enemies and evil wizards. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reel is made in the magic screen style, reminiscent of a transparent glass surface decorated with magic staves interwoven liana-like trees, creates a magic cycle of ten charming lines. At the top is the magic name of the machine in shimmering greenish yellow colors. All the symbols are very colorful, mesmerizing look. Images of Merlin «Wild» fills the fields with the magic of the forest, giving the power of the earth. Each row of pictures is divided from each other by strips of moss. The wizard’s hat appears and disappears depending on the spell. Raven «Scatter» looks around the perimeter of the screen, causing horror on small rodents, its bluish glow around creates a protective areol, not allowing anyone to enter its space. Burning Latin letters create a new magic shield, stopping time, allowing the wizard to move into the castle tower. The Spellbook reveals its secrets only to a true wizard with pure thoughts and a brave heart. The control panel is very impressive colorful. The «Spin» button as a burning lilac magic ball predicts new rotations to its owner. The information windows resemble the Wall of Camelot, with a glittering name and amount of winnings and bets. The other buttons of the slot make playing easier with their simple features, all the information is presented in a simple format, allows the player to easily use it.



The background of the slot is painted in dark shades. Above the cliff is a majestic castle, the king’s fortress. Pointed towers rest against the darkness of the sky, cutting through the densities of clouds. The atmosphere of power and force is present around. The misty veil descended over the water, rallying the two worlds. The flow of the river is very sharp and fleeting. The rocky lowland around creates dark silhouettes of the ground surface. The inaccessibility of the walls inspires confidence in the future. The moonlit space is filled with wind magic and the power of the earth. Every spell said aloud enhances the magic of the night.



The slot symbols are presented in three categories. High symbols: «Wild» unleashes the wizard’s powerful power, inspiring confidence in victory and powerful wins. Merlin flips his book and promises luck to the player, spells and forms new winning combinations.  «Bonus» – the potion of success attracts the bonus game. The orange liquid in the bottle as a vitality tonic awaits its knight. «Scatter» the black raven fills the empty fields of the drum. All icons are worked and displayed in one



The middle symbol are represented in the form of: A magic hat – decorated with bird feathers and emerald brooch, the purple glow warns about winning twists; Magic ruby in gold is the magic of the blood, all descendants of the royal family possess this symbol, transmitted through generations; The Book of Spells – How the ancient Talmud teaches all wizards by harnessing them with the power of a celestial ring.



The Latin letters, as the Low symbols –  decorate the game reels with their majestic stasis, in a silver-plated frame in different colors. Their volume as witchcraft charms their leader.



The animation of Merlin and ruby is well-designed and detailed. The elder casts magic over the book, creating a red glow of power around, his magical gaze turns the bird into a fierce bear, and the bluish aura around creates a protective ball, preventing the evil sorcerers from destroying its power. The magical stone overflows and shimmers, only a drop of blood touches the ornament there is a strong magical explosion spraying gold glow around the holder of this item.


From time immemorial, the ancient druids have created this magical book that has been in existence for over a thousand years, and how many great wizards have studied it and written their spells, they have created the history of the new wizarding world.merlin_magic_book

The bonus game is represented as a floating screen with rubies on the inside. There are three attempts to select a stone, those in which the cash prize is hidden – are illuminated with the amount of winning, and the remaining rubies burst in a losing version. Thanks to the additional free spins and bonuses, we are increasing our winnings, which are specified in the information window «Win».




The tallest tower of the castle is Merlin’s additional abode, where he teaches his young disciples the way of witchcraft and magic, creating a new generation of great and powerful wizards. After all, every legend or fairy tale needs its own hero and one whose conduct conceals hidden gifts of force of elements, nature and starry sky. Find your magic gifts in this slot, and let it charge your luck with the power of the forest, multiplying all the money saved in this online game.