Slot machine for SALE – “Astronomy”

Slot machine for SALE – “Astronomy”




Astronomy Themed online slot game

Astronomy is the science of the universe studying the location, motion, origin and development of celestial bodies and systems. Astronomy is the oldest and oldest science, originated from the practical needs of mankind. Since humans exist on Earth, they have always been interested in what they see in the sky. Even in ancient times they noticed the interconnectedness of the motion of the celestial luminaries in the sky and the periodicity of changes in the weather. By the arrangement of the stars and constellations the primitive farmers determined the approach of the season. Nomadic tribes were guided by the Sun and stars. The need for timing led to the creation of a calendar. Recurrent eclipses of the Sun and Moon. Prehistoric people were aware of the main phenomena associated with the rise and arrival of a fireball, a night light and some stars. Astronomy gave birth to the science of astrology, star predictions, the discovery of the star sign and its effect on humans. The depths of space have not been fully explored, and there are no telescopes in the world to study every part of the cosmos, every part of a distant galaxy. By mentally dividing space and time, it is possible to imagine how much interesting and unusual is on the other side of our galaxy. The «Astronomy» slot is extraordinary and full. Star signs and symbols will help to transcend the cosmic surface and to master not only the knowledge of planets and stars, but also to get super universe monetary gain. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reels is expanded and volumetric. The screen grid is divided by cosmic metal of asteroids and is filled with crowded explosive and nascent symbols. The frame of the slot reels is decorated with gold patterns and mini planets strewn with precious stones. Each planetarium is surrounded by titanium alloy molten sun lava. Priceless bonus symbols gracefully move along the milky way. Distant constellations illuminate the depth of space and illuminate black holes. The planetary control panel is unimaginable and easy to use. The emergence of new galaxies results in substantial gains, and the collection of lines forms new suns and expands the prize pool.



The main background is represented by a picture of the cosmos and a drawing of planets. The great Earth, illuminated by sunlight, is flaunting in the centre, with its sides embraced by Saturn’s trustworthy brother and friend, the ever-scandalous and hostile Mars and the kind, confident and gentle Venus. Constellations of signs intertwine and create a charming personal horoscope. In each constellation there is a sea of strength and celestial attraction. Cosmic nebulae migrate and move under the pull of planets. Pulsars radiate a bright glow, creating magnetic oscillations of cosmic vacuum around them, quasars burst, explode and illuminate everything around for billions of kilometers, and new planets emerge from extinct stars like our Sun.



Slot game symbols. High symbols are in a golden frame with spectacular functionality. Diamond ball «Bonus» will be the foundation for opening an additional game. It has the power of the quasar, it ignites the other symbols of the planets on a successful finale. The lunar «Scatter» is optimal and filled with the force of the lunar eclipse. The Star Scatter Card opens up free spins, boosts the winning spin and adds new cash surprises. Sunny «Wild» is filled with unimaginable beauty of light and heat. The core warms up the planet and rotates the signs with amplification, in combination the savage replaces any other symbol except the expensive.

Low “celestial” symbols in the form of cosmic letters and numbers, create the twinkling of stars involuntarily. Coloring signs with a shade of mystery. The golden fastening connects the symbols and creates stardust.

Medium symbols. The astronomical sign of the «earthly elements» on the cosmic canvas gives the wearer the power of fire for aspiration, water for purification of the mind, the power of air for ease of hovering, and the earth for confidence in his game. «Precious Mars» in purple design with raspberry tint amazes with its gracefulness. Leaving the wars behind, he came to harmony with other planets, not oppressing the allies, giving way to a place among the space giants. «Saturn flickering» in a transparent cocoon with a fiery core of the origin of life of the planet. The golden halo opens the planet’s space, allowing it to expand beyond the mind. The «Union of Stars» dancing trio travels with comets in search of a new home. Blue stars in a golden cover illuminate the path of the dreamer, help the wandering traveler, embrace the feminine element on Earth.



Every planet’s animation is flawless. The swinging of the month in the sky, it spreads the clouds and helps the stars to move along the strings of the milky way. The bonus diamond glows with its wealth and makes the ball burn with new inspiration. The sun turns its rays to the ground and warms up the upper atmosphere, strengthening the wildlife. The rotation of stars against time can extend the limits of luck and increase success to the limit. Mars as a young man, the gallant cavalier touches the planets and bestows his power as a male. Saturn is boiling, spinning, and magnetically drawing all new moons to it, moving away the old empty planets.


The Stargazer searches and studies new planets and counts the number of old ones, recording everything with star letters in a space journal. The letters move in sync, around the sign of the elements form a cycle of seasons. Natural stones steadily swing up replacing others.



The grid of the starry sky is divided into rows to create new planets and star systems. Astronomical sums are waiting for its winner, all that is necessary is just to run the start button and go on a cosmic journey on familiar planets of symbols and with an easy hand to beat all the stars.