Slot machine for SALE – “West Wanted”

Slot machine for SALE – “West Wanted”




Wild West themed online slot game

All the incredible and exciting adventures taking place in the Wild West often tell us about how, there was always some villain bandit who terrorized the nearest settlement, extorting money or gold from the locals, or a gang led by their owner who wanted to appropriate the land to mine gold or oil. And there was always a brave hero, a random wanderer who just drove by and decided to knock over a glass of whiskey at a local bar. As usual, by the will of fate, this traveler turned out to be the best shooter, who is legendary, about his legendary accuracy and how he killed three bandits with one bullet, and that after a while he disappeared without a trace and no one has seen him for a long time. And then there was always a wild fight with a shootout, which ended in failure. Most likely, in this massacre, the local sheriff will be mortally wounded, and already at death he will forgive the new hero to help people and free them from the oppression and attacks of the bad guys. He makes a plan in which all the inhabitants of the town participate, the second wave of the battle between good and evil begins. As a result, all the bandits are defeated, except for the main one, and the time comes for the “fight of two” one on one face to face cowboys converge in a duel on revolvers. It’s good that good wins, and our true gunfighter finishes this wild fight and emerges from the shooting unscathed. The people exhale and rejoice and appoint him as their new sheriff and protector. And everyone lives happily ever after. If you’re interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Let’s take a closer look at the Main reel of the “wild” slot. On the background of the canyon, game reel flaunts in the form of a wooden board – upholstered with boards around the perimeter and tightly tied with a rope. On top, in large capital letters, in a strict and restrained style, the name of the machine “West Wanted” is written. The symbols are drawn very competently and sensibly adhering to the general theme, with accuracy to the smallest detail. The icons are arranged in five rows, creating their own cowboy combinations with a variety of paylines. The control panel is located at the bottom in a separate field of the screen. The SPIN button is drawn in the form of wooden doors swinging on hinges (pendeltur), with each press we start the rotation of the reel. Nearby are the “Auto” and “Stop auto” keys, thanks to which it is possible to either automatically rotate or switch to manual mode. The “balance” “message box” “win” “bet” windows are designed in the same style, cool and stylish names are written on a wooden surface, numbers and amounts are written next to each other. The green “Max bet” button allows you to place the maximum bet and try your luck in the best shooting with cash prizes.



The background resembles a majestic canyon. This gorge is completely dried up to the brim by the scorching western sun with wide cracks on the surface. The staggering of stone rocks rises above the general picture of the entire relief of the soil. The river channels have completely dried up, so there is very little greenery around. Shrubs and cacti try to retain moisture in the roots as much as possible, so as not to completely dry out. A bunch of vultures circle the ground in search of food. They are not averse to profiting from some carrion, which is thoroughly heated and dried up. Lonely rattlesnakes crawl around in anticipation of shrews, scorpions freeze and create funny shadows on the stones. In places, the skulls of wild animals are lying around, which tried to cross this area in search of a drop of water, but thirst won them over. And here on a hill we see a wild shooter on his faithful horse with a huge revolver in his hand.



Slot symbols are presented in different categories. High symbols (“Wild” and “Scatter”) are square, surrounded by a metal frame. “Bonus” is reminiscent of a sheriff’s gold star pierced by a bullet with a bonus engraved inside. Three or more of these symbols in the spin open the bonus game. Wild rider “Wild” – on the backdrop of sunset, a cowboy skillfully controls his stallion, forcing him to rear up. He raises his whip over his head and begins to rotate it, creating a mini-tornado. Who is our hero trying to catch? This symbol can replace any other symbol except for scatter and bonus. “Scatter” makes it possible to consider the face of our traveler. His gaze is filled with strength, courage and luck. His hat was dusty from the threatening sandy winds, and his clothes reeked of courage and sweat. This symbol activates new free spins (3 Scatters) with additional winning opportunities.



Middle Symbols: Money Bag – Coins are neatly stacked around a money-filled and tied bag. The top is stamped with a dollar sign. The classic cowboy boots are made of thick cowhide, with a very stable heel and star-shaped spurs. Stylish felt hat (stetson) with a high rounded crown concave at the top and wide brim folded up on the sides. Neatly stitched on the sides with a thick thread and decorated with an antique gold medallion and a leather patch.



Low symbols are drawn in the form of shot through and worn Latin letters and numbers in different colors.



The bonus game opens with the sheriff’s golden stars. We have several attempts to flip the star and get an additional win. Provided that we have turned the desired symbol, a handful of coins with a prescribed Winnings appears, or a bunch of bones if we guessed wrong (Loses). Accordingly, a new amount ofwinnings is written in the information window.



The paytables describe in detail all the winning lines and winning combinations, with notification of additional free spins thanks to which we multiply our prize pool. Also, notification windows appear with the amounts that we received in the bonus game and free spins (last 4 splashscreens):









So, the Wild Western theme slot machine has come to the end, and let this western be the most interesting and real in the game, shoot your free spins, ride the best winning lines, launch your cowboy combos. May good luck be with you, wide victories to you!