Slot machine for SALE – “Fortune of Sparta”

Slot machine for SALE – “Fortune of Sparta”



Sparta Themed online slot game

Spears, shields and famous helmets with crests – in front us we can see the brave warriors of Sparta. A trained army whose fame spread throughout the world. The exploits of the Spartans are legendary even after thousands of years. Surely, in addition to strength and endurance, they also had extraordinary luck! Each player can test their luck and try on the role of Spartans with the “Fortune of Sparta” slot. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The background image shows three armed Spartans. They are in full gear and seem to be preparing to deliver a crushing blow to the enemy right now. Deaf helmets protect the heads of the Spartans, their long spears point in one direction. Round bulging shields create impenetrable armor for the entire squad. No wonder a Spartan warrior was valued like several soldiers of any other army! The minimalistic mountain landscape that we see behind the Spartans emphasizes the strict education and asceticism of the warriors.

The game reels are designed in a color scheme that harmoniously matches the background image. The reels are decorated with a traditional Greek ornament – a meander. The continuous broken line border helps symbolize the sign of light, fire and continuous movement. In the lower left corner, there is a place for the player’s avatar. The green line graphically shows the players progress. The “Auto” button is located in the lower right corner. It is depicted as the Spartan shield of the hoplon, a symbol of honor for warriors.

Below, in the background image we can see a helmet and a spear that are lying on the ground. A shield is deliberately not shown among the uniforms on the battlefield. The Spartan warriors used their bulging round shield for more than just protection. On it, wounded or dead soldiers were carried away from the battlefield. The shield could not remain at the battle site.



The jackpot symbol depicts a round shield and swords crossed behind it. Wild symbol – the Spartan army against the background of the dawn sky. Warriors are ready for battle. The Scatter symbol is a fully enclosed helmet that the Spartans used for protection. These horse-crested blind helmets are known as Corinthian helmets. Helmets were renowned for their protective abilities. Their image is often found on ancient Greek vases.



Animated symbols highlight the strength and fighting spirit of the Spartan army. On the Jackpot symbol, swords rotate at high speed and symbolize the agility of the Spartan warriors. Wild symbol shows the tenacity and willingness of the Spartans to fight: their swords move forward and it seems that the army is advancing. A ray of light runs over the forged helmet on the Scatter symbol and emphasizes the skillful work of the gunsmiths.


The size of high symbols suggests placing the image on the entire line of the reel or on one sector. The symbols depict a courageous warrior and two charming girls. Spartans were considered one of the most beautiful girls in ancient Greece. In Sparta, both boys and girls went in for sports since childhood. The girls were accustomed to running, wrestling, discus throwing and dart throwing. In addition, the girls knew how to handle weapons. If they were attacked while the Spartan men went to war, it would be the wives and daughters who would have to repel the invaders’ attacks. Weapons and items of uniform in the image speak of the girls’ extraordinary courage and their willingness to fight for themselves.



The faces of both girls and a male warrior are detailed on the symbols. The character of the Spartans is clearly visible: these warriors will not retreat without victory.



On animated images, you can see that the warrior is attacking and is about to deliver a crushing blow. The background flickers behind him as if the Spartan is running fast. But the girls, on the contrary, take a defensive position.


Regular symbols are the weapons of the Spartans: a short sword and a round shield, that already known to players. On the shield you can see the symbol of the Spartan army – the letter “lambda”. This is the first letter of the name Lacedaemon. This is what Sparta was also called. Another version of the appearance of lambda on the shield is the name of the area where the Spartans lived, Laconia.



Animated images show a sharp sword slicing through the air. A ray of light runs across the famous round shield. It was the Spartan shields that formed the basis of the famous expression “With a shield or on a shield”. It is believed that the mother of the Spartan gave the shield to her son when she accompanied him on a campaign. At the same time, she said: “With him or on him,” that is, “With victory or dead, with honor”. Losing a shield for a Spartan warrior was considered a shame.


Royal symbols are classic card symbols. The font resembles primitive forged elements.



On animated symbols, letters grow and shimmer.


The greeting screens change the color and size of the text depending on the amount of the win.






When Jackpot wins, the screen is additionally filled with sparks to emphasize the importance of winning.



Pay tables are similar in design to the game reels. Screens are also set against a solid-colored stone background. Pay table title is in blue and is additionally highlighted.







The greeting screens for bonus games resemble the Jackpot screen. Sparks also fly in the background and the background is highlighted in red. The difference is that the information about the bonus game is placed on a granite plate.