Slot machine for SALE – “King Arthur”

Slot machine for SALE – “King Arthur”



Royal Themed online slot machine

In modern culture, King Arthur is a popular character not only in novels, but also in films, TV series, and computer games. Fans of knightly themes and historical reconstruction, fans of the Middle Ages will certainly appreciate the King Arthur smartphone slot. This slot features the brightest episodes from the life of the legendary king – the sword in the stone, the search for the Holy Grail, the creation of the Round Table of Knights and, of course, the love line. It is enough to start the game – and exciting adventures do not let you break away from the plot. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The design of the slot machine reels combines the golden tones typical of royalty and the texture of the stone. The playing field is made in a light yellow color with golden outlines. This design is in harmony with the game symbols. The “Spin” button is designed as a shield – this is a way to mark Arthur as a brave knight.



The slot game background illustrates the legend of the sword in the stone. According to legend, during the inter-war period and the absence of the king, the wizard Merlin and the Bishop of Canterbury presented a sword in stone to the assembly of knights. On it was the inscription “Whoever can draw this sword, he is, by birthright, the king of the whole land of England.” Not a single knight succeeded in doing this. Young Arthur accidentally drew a sword from a stone while looking for a weapon for his brother. Arthur was indeed the rightful heir to the throne, as King Uther Pendragon was his father. But the boy was brought up from birth by the wizard Merlin. When he managed to take out the sword, Merlin revealed to the young king the truth about his origins. So Arthur ascended the throne. The central part of the game background depicts this sword sticking out of a large rock.



Scatter and Wild symbols are attributes of royalty. Arthur in all legends is portrayed as an ideal ruler – brave, just and wise. The symbols highlight these qualities. Pay attention to the design of the symbols. They are adorned with an ornate square frame with two winged dragons at the top.



High symbols depict the three main characters in the Arthurian legends. This is the wise wizard Merlin, who raised the future king from infancy, the beautiful Queen Guinevere – Arthur’s beloved and, of course, the king himself.

King Arthur is called the creator of the Round Table for Knights. It was Merlin who gave Arthur a round table so that at the meetings between the knights there would be no jealousy and disagreement over who would take what place. Since then, it has been customary to call the meeting for negotiations the Round Table. Merlin suggested many wise decisions to Arthur and had a decisive influence on the formation of the future ruler.

The charming Guinevere gave King Arthur years of a happy life in love, but she also hurt him. Moreover, Guinevere’s betrayal with the brave knight Lancelot served to start the war. As a result, Guinevere and Lancelot fled, Arthur lost the throne in an attempt to regain his beloved, and later died during a fight with his own nephew, who usurped the throne.

King Arthur, according to the legends, rests on the island of Avalon. He is waiting for an hour of great need to be reborn and save Britain again.

All High symbols are decorated in wide round golden frames, decorated with patterns and rubies.




Regular symbols depict attributes related to the life and reign of King Arthur. Here we can see a knight’s helmet, a book with spells and a chalice – the Holy Grail. The knight’s helmet reminds that Arthur managed to rally the best knights of England around him. And when one of them, Lancelot, fled with the queen, another worthy knight, Sir Gawain tried to restore order and return the crown to Arthur.

The Holy Grail – the cup from which Jesus Christ drank – is the most valuable relic that the knights of the Round Table, led by King Arthur himself, tried to find. If you believe the legend, everyone who drinks from this cup will receive the remission of sins and eternal life.

The book of spells reminds that Arthur was raised by the wizard Merlin.




Low symbols – letter designation of cards. All letters are stylized like tree branches.




The overall result of the game is shown by a bright inscription on top of the game reel.



In case of 5 of kind, Big Win, Mega Win, Huge Win, Super Win wins, the reel is darkened and the corresponding inscription appears. For each win level, the inscription is in a separate color. This makes it easier for players to determine the status of victory without even reading the text.



If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reels are darkened.



A large image of the Sword in the Stone appears, with text labeled Jackpot and Score.



For Scatter winnings, a screen with a chest is provided.



Paytables screens are designed on a burgundy background with golden lines.



On the greeting screens, in the case of Free Spins or Bonus games, the background and the reels are darkened. A purple haze with sparks appears around the perimeter – a symbol of magical influence. A burgundy plaque appears with a congratulatory inscription and the image of a Sword in a stone. The OK button is made in the form of a stone fragment.