Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Fruits”

Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Fruits”



Classic themed online slot game

This slot is lit with fire and juicy fruit ripeness. All the fruits are boiling and ready to reward the winner with sweet bonuses and hot combinations. The fiery lines are languishing and are absolutely ripe to the limit. The indefatigable seven of stats and gracefulness are filled with monetary surprises. Each fruit is mature and ready for serious achievements and victories. The crowded fruit creates a prize group leader and is ready to dazzle and sprinkle gold on its main winner. Each cherished line, each subsequent rotation inspires and inspires confidence, proclaiming the hymn of good fortune. The fragrant apples are poured with heat, the honey penetrates into the heart, feeding the fruit slices with grandiose success. The sweet freshness of the hot ripe plum boils and turns into a uniform violet mass. Taste plum jam and multiply your winning accumulations. Charming fruity ikebana, delights and delights with its vitamin composition. A handful of ripe burning cherries is ready to quench the thirst and hunger of the game. Listen to your winning bell of luck. Try every fruit to taste, appreciate and compare. Choose your favorite and make it your mascot and the golden bell strengthen the power of faith in your success. The unparalleled fruit rhapsody will give you a thousand and one notes of pleasure. Burn and light, spin and take! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The “flaming” reels is quite bright and promising. The back of the fire warms up all the symbols and makes them glow. There is a metal pipe around the drum’s perimeter, and with its flexibility it envelopes all symbols and signs. All icons are arranged in clear order, creating exciting rows and clear lines. The graphics and rendering are very neat and detailed. The abundance of combinations creates a huge number of prize lines. The control panel is simple, simple and ergonomic.



Background of this game is powerful burning, stable. Throw wood into the fire and its tongues flames envelop and heat your skills. The drawing style is serious and reliable. As a confident man our fire slot will be ideal for a weak floor. Burgundy and deep burning colors smoothly and carefully pass into a peculiar darkness of fields. Burn all your fears, burn all your insecurities, throw out all your mind’s rubbish, clear your mind and absorb the power of fire.



The symbols are drawn skillfully and professionally. High signs – the magnificent four invincible signs head this group set of subjects. The incendiary mixture «Explosive Seven» – prevails over other symbols, the quality of steadfastness and calm fills the atmosphere with maturity around numbers. The fundamental and bright figure is seven. The silhouette of refinement, graceful in its moves. Contemplation of the «red apple» ennobles the rest of the fruits. The sweetness and the slim sourness inside make you feel a wave of platinum on the tips of the receptors. Success in each fire apple, its burgundy sides stimulate on victory. «Cheerfulness Bell» enveloped in gold, huge ringing and melodic. The volume of the sound, its tone skillfully harmonizes with the appearance. The symbol «Bonus» in the game roulette, completed and charged. Due to the number of these symbols received in the combinations an additional bonus game opens.

Middle symbols in the form of a sign «minibar», in three variations on magnification. Tripled bar inspires confidence. It is powerful and confident. The game of shadows and colors in symbols filled with warmth and soul. Each letter burns up and melts under the heat of fire.

Low symbols are the company of ripe fruits and the symbol of doubling. Cherry, charming and playful. Its flesh is filled with burgundy fire. Cherry spray fireworks, can give extra free spins and or just to please and cheer up. Lemon – juicy and sugary. Its acid reduces teeth, and the heterogeneity of the skin revives everything around. The yellow pure oval, the vivid taste of summer. Enchanting plum, has ennobled the whole machine. Her taste its density is significant. Deep plum color colored the whole drum and added variety to the palette of colors. Blue volume «Double» gives ease and multiplication of means. Neon colors dazzle, waves roll up and wash the symbol. Droplets of water rise in the air and make the fire noise and crack.



The animation of the symbols is light air. Number seven proclaims the seed, informs everyone that it has already arrived, and just start admiring its beauty of fire. The apple is moving steadily forward and flickers a light light. The ringing of the bell is heard outside the game, and his persistence brings excellent results in the game. The bonus spins the roulette and shoots exactly at the target, each time you hit the center is a firebomb explosion. Cherry is symbolic and dangerous, it controls the leaves, causing them to shudder with ineptitude and inexperience. Lemon and plum graceful blows, these two love to accept gifts and make everyone obey. The multiplied number of bar signs encircles the entire bottom of the screen. Smoke travels through every line and every little corner inside burns out and lights up all the symbols. The double icon has lost balance, help her find balance and increase your earnings.



The whole fireball game is paying off. Collect your best prize lines, help the fire burn and warm the symbols from within. Hit the best cards and get the best bonuses and free spins. Play and win, follow your flame of luck all around.