Slot machine for SALE – “Eastern Auction”

Slot machine for SALE – “Eastern Auction”




Eastern Themed online slot game

A country with strong and deep traditions that are manifested in all spheres of life of this people. It was China that gave us the symbols of the animals of the eastern calendar, which became talismans. The traditional culture and art of China also has a deep meaning associated with symbols and archetypes, including the animal world. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that considers a person and everything that surrounds him as a single structure and seeks to bring this structure to maximum harmony. According to the doctrine, it is enough to correctly place objects in the house and acquire a couple of powerful symbols, how everything will work out in life. Therefore, without wasting time, we offer to personally verify the magical properties of the symbols appearing on the reels. Eastern Auction is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the gameplay. The reels are placed on a cozy and neutral brown background. The field consists of 5 reels and 20 lines located on the sides, which are always in the active position, and the player cannot change their number. Line numbers are indicated on Chinese lanterns, which complements the harmony of the overall perception of style. Symbols are located on the playing field in a 5×3 grid. All elements are distinguished by bright colors and lively graphics. Among the symbols of the machine there are Feng Shui attributes stylized in the Chinese style: a fan, a gourd, beads, a lantern, a rosary, a fish, an elephant, a phoenix, a Buddha, a bansai, a toad, a dragon, a hat. Along with standard symbols in the game there are also special purpose pictures. These are Wild, Scatter and Bonus. A wild symbol can replace other images to create even more winning sequences. At the bottom of the screen is a functional panel with a classic set of buttons. A gong with the inscription SPIN launches the reels on rotation, to the right of it are the start / stop buttons for automatic rotation. In the same panel, you need to set the bet amount manually, or select the maximum value with the MAX BET button. There are no intricate stories and twisted plots, complex options that you need to understand, everything is easy and simple. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The main background is shades of brown, which symbolize the close relationship of physical health and fortitude, which unwittingly immerses the player in the world of ancient beliefs and original philosophical teachings.



All symbols are divided into three categories: “Low”, “Medium” and “High” and are made in the appropriate subjects. The fan, personifying a symbol of nobility, luxury; gourd pumpkin accumulates negative energy in itself and does not allow it to escape; lanterns symbolize wealth, prosperity and good luck; turquoise beads are able to endow with an endless supply of energy and vigor – they belong to the low category. Symbols of the middle category differ from the rest in that they are outlined in a circle. Koi fish is one of the most famous Chinese symbols of fertility, excess energy and fertility; elephant – a symbol of imperial holidays; the phoenix is associated with imperial rule; Buddha figurine is a symbol of wealth; Bonsai tree will restore harmony. The wild symbol is represented in the form of a dragon with the inscription Wild. This symbol can replace other symbols in order to make up as many winning combinations as possible. The dragon symbolizes success. The role of the Bonus symbol acts an image of a frog, which is a satellite of the god of wealth. Gold bar – Scatter launches Free Spins and allows the player to earn extra profit without risking their own money. We can say that all symbols are peculiar magnets that attract welfare and wealth. All symbols convey the naturalness of the atmosphere, and help to catch their luck by the tail.


The slot uses a bright, catchy animation corresponding to the plot, which makes an unforgettable impression. From the first to the last minutes of the game, the user will be completely shrouded in the flavor of Asia. Elements painted in golden color, evoke thoughts of luxury. All symbolism is highly detailed.




When three or more golden toads appear on the reels, the bonus round is activated. Instead of reels, 12 flashlights will appear on the screen. In this game, the user must blindly open several pictures. The amount of the win will be determined, depending on which multiplier is hiding behind it.



Lanterns symbolize wealth, prosperity and good luck. They can become powerful talismans if you know how to use them correctly and which of them hides the maximum values.



In the payout table you will find recommendations on how to make your game harmonious and rich, as well as all the detailed information about the icons. It is divided into three blocks. The first shows the values of the multipliers. By themselves, they are not paid, but in case of getting at least three pieces they allow you to claim additional rewards: bonus game, free spins, replacement of symbols.



The regular symbols are combined in the second block of the table. Each symbol is paid in accordance with the multiplier, which is indicated opposite. To get winning combinations, users need to collect at least 3 identical pictures on the line.



Symbols, collected on the third page of the payout table have minimum values, but are more common on the lines.



In a case of getting three or more Scatter symbols, they allow you to claim Free Spins to give the players an opportunity to earn additional profit without risking their own money.



Free spins are also good because upon completion of Free Spins, the entire won amount will go to the player’s overall balance.



With a successful set of circumstances, a notification of transition to the bonus mode will appear. After clicking OK, try your luck.



Regardless of how much the player won in bonuses, it will be indicated in the corresponding window.


Our slot will be interesting to everyone who is ready to bring harmony to their home and good luck in their lives.