Slot machine for SALE – “Beauties & Romance”

Slot machine for SALE – “Beauties & Romance”



Fashion Themed online slot game

What do girls dream about when starting the game? Of course, about a beautiful life! So that it was like your favorite bloggers: a car, a holiday at the resort, luxury accessories and luxurious gifts. The “Beauties & Romance” slot is the embodiment of a carefree life. If it was an Instagram page, she would have gained a million likes! Here are all the attributes of the life of socialites. Starting from a chic villa and ending with a decorative dog, all images attract you to be in the circle of your favorites. One has only to take a chance to start a new life, filled with beauty and romance. The design of the slot is thought out to the smallest detail. The first version of the gaming reels resembles a glamorous pink sofa. It’s ideal to take a selfie on this! The pink background of the reels is in harmony with the purple information field below. Each button sparkles with a gold edging and shimmers with a sparkle of precious stones. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The second version of the reels has a more restrained background. Pastel salmon colors with overflows look very gentle. Thin vertical lines emphasize the structure of the game. The background behind this and the previous version of the reels evokes associations with the sunny day. Palm trees, a clear blue sky, a striped umbrella on a deck chair – everything you need to relax in the resort.



The third version of the reels is ideal for demonstrating evening and night life. The lights of the night city and the starry sky are visible behind the playing field. The field of the reels itself is also different. Here it is made in purple and decorated with fancy monograms.



Let’s take a closer look at the game backgrounds themselves. The daily option is the VIP area by the pool in a luxury hotel. Soft sun loungers are located in the shade of palm trees. An individual umbrella provides additional sun protection to each guest. From the pool with crystal-clear water blows freshness. Prudent waiters are ready to fulfill any desire. One has only to give a sign – and the best cocktails immediately appear on the table. “Cosmopolitan”, which the heroines of the series “Sex and the city” loved so much, is also here. Obviously, the heroine of this story is resting in a five-star hotel, which is visible behind the pool.



The night version of the game background is dedicated to the capital of romance – Paris. But take a closer look! This Eiffel Tower sparkles with lights not in France, but in Las Vegas! Before us is a resort hotel and casino “Paris”. Here, guests admire copies of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the balloon of Montgolfier, and even the Louvre! The same piece of France is shown to players on the evening version of the background.



High symbols are more than images. This is a demonstration of dreams come true! A luxurious mansion, a huge swimming pool, a yacht and a convertible are what every beauty dreams of.
Regular symbols – glamorous divas. We see such models in the best glossy magazines. It is on them that many girls strive to be like. Romantic blonde, sexy brunette and the mysterious redhead – they are so different, but each is beautiful in its own way. This is the beauty of such images: each player has its own associations.

Royal symbols – the image of attributes, without which it is impossible to imagine the life of a rich and famous person. Charming dog – Yorkshire terrier with a bow. It is these dogs that accompany glamorous beauties.
Red high-heeled gold shoes are not designed for long walks. They are put on to ride in a luxury car, and then spend the evening in the most luxurious setting.

And here is the dream phone – iPhone in a gold case and encrusted with diamonds. The prototype for this image is a real phone worth more than $ 3 million. Such a golden iPhone was created on an individual order. The customer’s name, of course, was not disclosed. To be honest, such a diamond phone in place of the central button is the most vivid demonstration of wealth.
For women, the Birkin handbag from the Hermes brand may not really matter. But every woman of fashion at the sight of this handbag begins to beat her heart more often! According to legend, the iconic bag model was designed specifically for singer Jane Birkin. And for 40 years now, it remains the most recognizable accessory in the fashion world.
You can’t explain what the gifted ring means to any girl. And when this ring is decorated with a ruby in the shape of a heart surrounded by a diamond, this is the highest manifestation of feelings! Each beauty will proudly demonstrate such a ring to her friends. Moreover, it will be devoted to individual publications in social networks. And, believe me, at the sight of such a ring, any girl exclaims “I agree!”



Animated symbols are filled with dynamics and extra brilliance. High symbols as if surrounded by a gold border. But most importantly, they have life!

Stars twinkle in the surface of the pool. Water sways easily either from the breeze, or after a night swim. In the sea, closer to the horizon, a fish splashes playfully and enhances the romantic atmosphere. Palm trees around the mansion are noisy with their branches. The blue sky is animated by the movement of clouds. A snow-white yacht cuts through the waves. A glint of light reflects from the water on the glossy sides. A red convertible is ready to rush off its mistress towards adventures. Polished headlights shine. A bright lounge is waiting for passengers to give them an unforgettable experience.


Behind the girls on the Regular symbols pour streams of sparks. One can imagine that these are fountains of fire or fireworks in honor of the famous beauties. Each of them freely changes their position: noticeable movements of the hand or head, a slight smile.


Low symbols also have movement. Cute Yorkshire Terrier shifts from foot to foot. He glances at his mistress, as if calling to play.

The shoes move as if someone impatiently taps his foot. When you are rich and famous, you don’t want to wait a second! The phone comes to life and an image of your favorite pet appears on it. A golden gleam runs on a branded trinket at a handbag. The ring shimmers and emphasizes every facet of the gem.


Paytable screen is made in purple tones. The font is similar to handwritten. The first Paytable page informs about the symbols Bonus, Wild, Scatter.



The second and third screens report the value of each symbol depending on the combination.



All screen pages sustain the theme of luxury living. A golden border is laid along the edge, and the buttons for switching between screens are “inlaid” with shining stones.



Greeting screens in four versions inform the player about the size of the win.



Each screen is drawn on a red background with a gold border.



Congratulations made in calligraphic uppercase. Gold color shimmers from light to more saturated shades. It seems that the inscription is cast from precious metal.



The “Ok” button resembles a ruby of regular oval shape with symmetrical faces.