Slot machine for SALE – “Black Panther”

Slot machine for SALE – “Black Panther”




Jungle Themed online slot game

What will you do if you enter the animal world? Especially if you meet a black panther on your way. Will you get scared or try to resist or make friends?

In this amazing game, immersed in an abundance of greenery, there is not only the main character of the slot – a panther, but also bright and beautiful parrot and toucan, as well as additional slot symbols of various categories, which, when dropped in a certain combination on the reel, create different pay lines. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The first illustration is the reel of the Black Panther slot. It occupies a central position on the screen with the main background of the slot. At the top, the reel has a title that is made in voluminous crimson letters – “Black Panther”. The SPIN button is shown in the lower center of the control panel. There are also rectangular cells in gold frames for balance, bets, winnings and messages, as well as additional colored navigation buttons. The reel itself has a non-standard shape and is equipped with many symbols of all categories.


Here is the night version of the reel on the night background of the Black Panther slot. It also contains all the symbols of the game. At the top there is the logo of the game, and at the bottom there is a control panel with cells and buttons.



The daytime background of the slot enchants with dense forest vegetation – a striking distinctive feature of the tropics. There are numerous trees, sprawling vines and many other vegetation. The stunning forest nature, immersed in dense greenery, is illuminated by the bright rays of the sun. A light blue sky is slightly visible among the trees. In the foreground of the picture, you can see a large rock and a well-worn path that goes deep into the forest.



Here is the slot game night background. All the same tropical beautiful area, enchanting with dense greenery, an abundance of grass and leaves on the trees. This time, the picture is illuminated by the bright reflections of the full moon. In the foreground, in dense greenery, you can see many fireflies, so noticeably decorating the picture. And the trodden path smoothly goes into the dark, moonlit forest.



The main symbols of the slot are presented on the screen in two columns. Four of them are decorated in rectangular gilded frames with precious stones at the corners as decoration. The top two symbols are symbols of a black panther looking straight ahead with its green eyes and an open mouth on the background of dense greenery.

The next two symbols in rectangles: 2x – volumetric blue numbers, decorated with gold on a background of greenery; and a golden snarling panther, presented in profile with an open mouth in an oval frame.

Below are two more symbols on the background of two green rectangles, inside which there is an oval frame, where we see a colored budgerigar and a toucan with a bright orange beak.


The animation has already shown in detail how the symbol of the panther is implemented, which turns from calm to growling, with an open mouth. Symbol 2x: each element grows rhythmically one after another, shimmering with gold. The golden panther shimmers with gold, and its eyes and background gleam with a bright crimson light. Parrot and toucan: each nods his head, slightly opening his beak, and the frames around the perimeter shimmer with bright green neon.



Here are the symbols that belong to the category Low. These are letters and numbers. A, K, Q, J, 10. They are available in red, blue, crimson, green and gold colors. Each element is voluminous and presented with a gold outline with a certain decor – a symbol of card games.


Animated symbols shimmer around the perimeter and highlighted in gold.



The paytable is shown in the center of the screen. It is a characteristic square frame made of wood and leaf elements. At the top there is an inscription Paytable. In the center, in two rows, there are symbols with quantitative values and the amount of payments for each. At the bottom there are left and right navigation buttons, and in the center – the page number.



The second page of the paytable. The symbols of the category Low are already located here, under each there is a quantitative value and next to it – the amount of payment for each.



In the center of the screen, on a crimson background in a gold frame, there is a congratulatory inscription with the word “Congratulations” made of gold letters. The congratulation says that you are entering the free spins game. At the bottom there is an oval-shaped button with a frame of wood and green curly leaves.



Congratulatory inscription with the word “Сongratulations”, which says that you have won a certain amount of money from playing free spins. At the bottom – ok button.



Next greeting inscription. It says here that you are entering the bonus game.



The last congratulatory pop-up says that you won $5000 from the Bonus game.