Slot machine for SALE – “Mermaid Myth”

Slot machine for SALE – “Mermaid Myth”




Mermaid themed online slot game

Somewhere deep in the Atlantic Ocean, hidden from the sight of humanity, lies an unknown underwater world. It is ruled by the king of all seas and oceans, the formidable Triton. His seven daughters of beautiful mermaids with magical powers help his father rule this kingdom. How many magical and indescribable things are underwater. How many wonderful sea creatures worship and serve the royal dynasty. Today is the last day of summer and everyone is fussing and getting ready for the holiday, closing the season «Laminary Brown». A band of swordfish soldiers lined up at the entrance to the castle and do not let uninvited scales pass. Triton’s mate, the sea horse Kritius, reminds everyone how to decorate the hall, where to set tables and what lanterns to hang. And princess daughters, polishing their fins, brushing the curls put into neat strands of actinium, silver their tails and repeat the speech and numbers. This evening, each of them will present their own magical talent, which she has nurtured over the years, gaining experience in managing it. If you’re interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The mythical water slot reels is represented as a panel screen decorated with algae, corals and miraculous corrugated shells of unusual shape. On the background unfolds bulk deep ocean bottom, swimming around a variety of species of fish with a very colorful coloring scales. The seahorse is hidden behind lush green algae, around the rocky growths interspersed with sand fill the entire online slot. The control panel is non-standard, but very convenient to use. The «SPIN» button resembles an open gold shell with a huge pearl inside. The blue balance window contains the amount that was uploaded to the machine. «Message Box» helps us,  with its information to understand the game. The red button «Auto»  –  initiates the rotation of the reel in automatic mode, and the green button «Stop auto» – this function disables. The «Win» window provides the sum of the winnings. The «Bet» window with «+» and  «-» allows you to change the amount from the minimum bet to the maximum bet, or you can simply put the big bet with «Max bet» key. Inside the reel there are a variety of symbols in five rows, so the number of lines is quite varied. The magic gem «Bonus» launches the bonus game and increases the chance of multiplication of the winning amount, the money chest «Scatter» just fills the gap in the line field, thus giving the opportunity to activate additional free spins. The golden pearl «Mermaid Myth» or this symbol is called «Wild» can replace any symbol on the reel except BONUS and SCATTER. The mermaid princess’s sisters display symbolically complementing all the row-row chaotic. The magic inscription «Mermaid Myth» in yellow-pink color – majestically located above all the functionality of the game reel.


Beckground is very full and alive. The purest sandy bottom is strewn with various shells and precious stones. The starfish are diligently sifting through every grain of sand in search of the remains of coral. Fish flocks gracefully circle around the wise whale, scattering all the water and creating bizarre bubble patterns. And the whale in turn plays a musical poem that is heard in every corner of the ocean. He sings about the sublime feelings of two hearts who have searched so long for their common melody of love. The atmosphere of calm reigns around. The sun’s rays penetrate deep touching the bottom, caressing it and actively sweep back up, closing a circle of water and air on the surface by splashing out the rainbow of the flux of light. The abundance of corals and aquatic plants fills the entire ocean mass. There are scattered remnants of broken ships and treasures that have been lost and lost.


The Set of symbols is very bright and colorful, filled with an abundance of marine decor elements. High symbols, painted in the form of square icons decorated with stars and shells in different colors. On the background of colorful fish and algae there are images of pearls of pearl and gold overflow. Chest of treasures and antique gold coins, drawn very clearly and skillfully. All pictures are made on a professional level.


Let’s get acquainted with our Middle symbols – “mermaids”. The slot features four Triton daughters. The golden-haired princess Erika possesses sound magic. Her singing can bewitch any sea creature, forcing to fulfill any wish of the princess. The charm of the starfish is tangled in its locks, giving the character a magical effect. Mermaid Candy, looking in the mirror, putting her purple strands in clamps, wearing a crown from the sinks. She has a powerful ability to conquer all male specimens with one look and the magic of life, any object will come alive, only she will touch it with her emerald tail. Princess Meloni, silver everything with her hair around and turn seashells into frogs, she is the oldest sister and the most experienced on the reef. And the youngest redheaded mermaid, Ariel, loves pearls and has the magic of a storm. This mermaid better not be angry, she is able to sink the strongest ship. mermaid_myth_symbols-2

Low symbols, drawn in the form of Latin letters and numbers. All of them are filled with a bright color,  volume and decorated with shells and pearls, and gold frames make them expensive.


The bonus game gives us twelve attempts to open your winning shell, find a pearl in it and multiply the amount of winning. Golden shells open after pressing the desired element, but pearls are not hidden everywhere


The paytable shows us what the symbols «WILD», «BONUS» and «SCATTER» are capable of, and an information window tells us about the number of winnings received in the bonus game or with additional free spins. Paytable also notifies the winning combinations of each symbol.


mermaid_myth_popup-4  mermaid_myth_paytable-2


This Ocean themed slot is very special and includes all our fantasy by painting out the history of the mermaid, her life and how it takes her to the world of miracles and magic of cash gifts cooked by everyone involved in the game. Play roulette and win!