Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Pirates”

Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Pirates”




Pirates Themed online slot machine

Pirates as characters are often can be found in literature and in painting. They are even present in children’s books. It is enough to remember the story about Peter Pan – and the image of Captain Hook immediately appears in the memory. Pirates have become firmly established in pop culture since the 19th century, along with Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island”. What can we say about modern cinema! The graphics allow you to create on the screen such large-scale naval battles that only the most brave pirates could handle. Fearless, charismatic corsairs leave no one indifferent. And for such avid adventurers, the most place in the world of games! We invite you to the “Rich pirates” slot. This is a space where luck smiles at the daredevils. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The first screen above shows a fragment of a naval battle. The pirates on deck are belligerently swinging their sabers in the air. Cannon shells fall into the water around their ship. The luxurious ship heels slightly, but all its white sails are filled with wind. At first glance, it is hard to believe that this is a ship of robbers. Only the black flag at the top of the mast leaves no doubt: we have pirates in front of us.

Numerous details, which emphasize the theme of the slot, are used in the design of the game reels. The decorative frame around the perimeter is made in the form of interconnected masts of the ship. You can see the torn edges of an old map, which certainly points the way to the treasures for sea robbers. The name of the slot at the top of the reel is made in gold letters against the background of black and red cloths and a sharp saber.



Scatter symbol is a trusty assistant of all sailors – compass. He serves both the captains of warships and treasure hunters alike. When you remember the famous cinematic pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, it becomes clear how much the compass means.

Wild symbol is a map. On the planned route, you can find a hidden treasure to become fantastically rich.




Both symbols are animated. The compass opens and moves slightly away from the players. At first, only the plan of the area can be viewed on the map. But now red strokes appear on an old scroll – this is the path to the hidden treasures.


The next two symbols are the main characters of the slot. Which one is really in charge? A charming girl in a pirate costume or a sullen bearded captain? The filibuster’s appearance clearly speaks of his combat experience: the captain lost his eye in the battles and now a black bandage can be seen on his face. However, history knows examples when women joined the crew and fought with dignity on pirate ships. Moreover, in skill and courage they were not inferior to men.




Animated symbols highlight the nature of each character. The girl coquettishly straightens her hat with feathers and looks completely harmless. However, who knows what she hides behind the belt of her suit? The captain is focused on steering his ship. There is no emotion on his face: he is moving towards the goal and does not want to waste a minute.


There are other symbols dedicated to the life of pirates. The cannon is a reliable weapon used in naval battles. The most cunning and successful pirates managed to capture rich ships even without a fight. But more often than not, there was a smell of gunpowder in the air and cannonballs flew everywhere. And the second symbol is just the prey for which the corsairs were engaged in their dangerous craft. Before us is a chest that is full of gold coins.




On the animated screens, each of the symbols comes to life: the cannon flinches and a cannonball flies out of it. The lid of the chest swings open and we see a whole mountain of gold coins.


Low symbols are letters traditionally used to denote cards. Each letter has its own color.





These symbols also have an animated version. The letters rotate and shimmer with golden light.


The screen for the doubling game is similar to the captain’s cabin. A map is unfolded here, a compass is on the side, you can see gold coins, chains and ropes. Over this map, the captain chooses a course. Each time he makes a decision on which the success of the campaign depends. Players have to make the same choice in order to receive a prize: they need to rely on intuition and guess what color the next card will have.



On the congratulatory screen in a case of a Big win, the game reels are covered with a translucent veil. A text appears with information about the win, large print and golden letters are used for it. The counter is shown on the background of a wooden board.



A chest with gold appears on the animated version of the greeting screen. The lid swings back sharply and coins fly out of the chest, as if from a sharp blow, in all directions.


Another game screen takes us to the hold of a pirate ship. There are barrels and bottles on the shelves with traces of cobwebs. Everything is mixed here: weapons and booze, gold and ammunition. There is an open sack of coins in the corner, and cannonballs are nearby. If you’re lucky, in the next battle, they will help you get even more wealth.



The paytable is divided into three pages. The textures with imitation of wood were used in the design. They resemble a wooden deck and hull of a ship. The first screen is dedicated to the Scatter symbol and Wild symbol



The meaning of each symbol is indicated on signs that look like boards.


Information about the meaning of Regular symbol and Low symbols is presented on separate pages.


The greeting screens for information about Bonus games and Free spins are designed in the same style.


An old map is depicted against the background of a darkened reel in the center of the screen. Its edges are torn and it is clear that this map has survived more than one battle.



Information about the winning appears in the center of the map. The colors used for the text are gold and red.





The final screen is also animated. The game reels are tightened with a black flag with a skull. This is the Jolly Roger, the famous symbol of all pirates.