Slot machine for SALE – “Immersive Riches”

Slot machine for SALE – “Immersive Riches”




Egyptian themed online slot game

This Egyptian slot takes us to the times when there was a division into classes – the rich and the poor, when the pharaohs and queens ruled and conquered new lands. The slot plunges into the world of myths about gods and otherworldly forces, about the eternity of being and the immortality of the soul. But in the end, after the expiration of time, the entrance to the afterlife was evaluated not for the wealth acquired during life, but for the deeds committed during the past years. Great success to all participants in this game, and may luck increase your untold riches of Egypt, find your precious pyramid and open your golden tomb of the pharaoh! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The main reel of the Egyptian slot is very ergonomic. On top of it, the inscription of the game itself “Immersive Riches” is forged in huge letters with a silver coating. At the same time, the slot reel is drawn in the form of a tablet with a dark screen, with the symbols separated by separate metal strips in five clear rows. The perimeter of the screen is decorated with inspiring patterning, and on the sides, in separate racks, the number of paylines is written. All the symbolism of the machine is very bright and rich. Three or more bonus symbols appearing in the next combination of subsequent lines form an additional bonus game where you can multiply your winnings.


The background of the machine resembles a wall with carved hieroglyphs and drawings on the stone. Often, this writing was found in the pyramids themselves, which described the story of the one who was buried in the tomb, about how the transition and ascent to the new world takes place. Also, signs indicated the direction of movement, so as not to get lost in this gloomy labyrinth. The image of the images of the queen and the pharaoh, who worship the gods. Anubis holds out his hand and points the way. Horus makes a wondrous sound and with his gaze illuminates the path to purgatory. Powerful scales of justice await the offering and announce the verdict of the evaluation of gifts. The wild beast is an ephemeral form of the incarnation of a cheetah and a bear. The head of a cheetah speaks of the speed of life on earth for the physical body, and the hind legs of the beast meant the opposite, that time does not matter, only the spirit is eternal and the soul is immortal.


The background with small patterns of various shapes described the fate and life cycle. The all-seeing eye of Horus illuminated the events, the mountains and the river connected, creating the seed of life. Fertility and the flower of life in the bowl, the worship of the chief pharaoh. The sign of a bull with huge horns meant prosperity and wealth. A soaring bird in the sky with wide spread wings protected crops from drought.


As usual, symbols are presented in three categories. The High Symbols: the icon of “Cleopatra” – the delightful and most beautiful of the queens of Egypt. On her thin neck, a chic precious necklace of multi-colored stones intertwined with gold threads flaunts. The headdress is unique – a golden crown studded with sapphires and rubies emphasized her status and nobility. Who owns the heart of Cleopatra, it owns the whole world. The next sign of the “eye of Horus” is on a golden shield depicting symbols of animals and nature, in the very center an eye of gold and a huge ruby of the “rising sun” is drawn against a blue background of the sky. This mark, a very strong and powerful magic item, grants the wearer power over time. The symbol “Immersive riches” – the image of slender pyramids at sunset, makes it possible to master the power of the night, collecting the magic of the moon and commanding the elements of the wind.


Middle symbols: “Golden scarab beetle” – carrying in its paws a solar ball from above and a moon ball from below, means the harmony of day and night. Each new day is followed by a departure into darkness and the beginning of a new day again. This life cycle bestows luck on the player by creating the best combos. “The Holy Cross Ankh” is a sign of life, all living things, an oath and a covenant. Grants the wearer the knowledge and protection of the gods. “God Anubis” – a humanoid creature with the head of a dog, is the guardian of the scales, at the trial of Osiris in the kingdom of the dead, a connoisseur of healing herbs. Will give the player success and new untold wealth. The symbol “Shenu” in the form of a gold open ring, denotes eternity. As the Nile River embraces the message of Egypt with love, so divine love envelops the one who possesses this talisman. And the sign of the “sacred scarab” made of blue gold is a symbol of the creative power of the Sun and rebirth in the afterlife.


Low symbols are presented in the form of modest Latin letters and numbers in different colors. Worn letters are saturated with the spirit of antiquity, something unknown and inviting to know all their depths.


The information window is presented in the form of an ancient papyrus scroll depicting the deity Horus with the head of a falcon in ordinary attire and the rising sun above his head. Horus describes all the wins and line wins, the prize amounts in the bonus game and additional free spins that are obtained thanks to successful combinations.