Slot machine for SALE – “Cool North”

Slot machine for SALE – “Cool North”



North Themed online slot game

The North Pole is one of the coldest places on the planet. Travel to the north is quite a difficult and dangerous occupation even for the most avid travelers and fans of extreme sports. How much time and effort must be spent to conquer this eternal permafrost. But even the farthest north is considerably warmer than the South Pole or Antarctica. The North is at sea level in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The average winter temperature is 40 degrees. The thickness of the ice is so large that not even every icebreaker is able to curb it. And what powerful and grandiose icebergs around. What it takes to see the delightful Northern Lights, this frosty rainbow will always remain and will be remembered as one of the most powerful wonders of the world. Crowds of Arctic penguins wandering through the snow and drifting on the ice add a touch of cuteness to this slot. Rare huge polar bears fill this cold. Languishing seals rest from long swimming and eternal wandering in search of delicious fish. The frozen ground is soaked with a state of oblivion, the feeling that in this frosty world time just stopped and life flows like one insanely long day or night. Cold ice symbols will give us the feeling of a winter fairy tale, will acquaint with all its inhabitants. The feeling of a slight cold satisfaction will run through the body in a warm wave of true northern victories and melted successful winnings. Travel, conquer and enjoy the victory! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reel of the slot is bright, juicy magnetic and cooling dust. On the backdrop of a frozen ocean with huge statues in the form of icebergs, in the center is a drum with an ice edge. The symbols are placed in separate fields and separated by metal lines. Internal drum panel with icy sketching and snow-free breechless. The control panel is simple and convenient. The big button is the start of the game. The information windows of balance, bets and winnings are drawn clearly and accurately.



Game Background is chic and cold. The Northern Lights have melted along the entire winter sky. The beautiful flushes in yellow green shades warm the look. The long night the moon illuminates every ice cube, breathing life into every frozen natural sculpture. The deep blue ocean is so transparent that you can see the bottom of the iceberg swimming past the whales playing seals and splashing penguins. Barely blowing wind brings warm flows from the equator.



        Symbols are drawn by categories. High symbols filled with Arctic surprises. The huge frozen «Northern Seven», opens this magnificent four leaders. Its stately silhouette will eclipse any glow of the starry sky. Neat ice edges and snow-capped tip break through the coldest storm and show the assertiveness of the symbol. The next friend and brother in one person «radiant bonus» his glow spread throughout the pole. A magnetic menthol bonus on the background of the game roulette shoots and gives ice-cold prizes. The sign of doubling «double» warms frozen hands and multiplies the win twice. He is stable and overly confident in his abilities. And, finally, the «mint dollar» is displayed, the icicles have become one with the symbol. The polar glow illuminated and illuminated every facet of the dollar and presents its unexpected winter surprises.
       Middle symbols in three variations of the symbol «Bar», in different color range. The configuration of the doubled and tripled sign is identical to the previous one. The engraved inscription on the ice is entertaining and fast. In each variant, the symbol complements the overall combination with its successful appearance.
      The third group of symbols (Low symbols), gives an idea of where exactly we have come, the north can no longer be))). The «North» label speaks for itself, indicating the right direction, will lead us to worthy wins and successful combinations. Driven deep into the snow-covered ground, firmly stands on its own, at any gust of wind unshakeable. Playful penguin «snowball» slyly smiles. He’s got us a snowball present, ready to play. His tiny footprints are everywhere in the snow, so he probably just wanted to confuse us and start a snowball. «Frost cherry» is ideal for any winter cocktail, through the whole thickness of frost seeps and intrigues with its cold. A slightly thawed side of the cherry is filled with a delicious fragrance in a new incarnation. Calm and balanced seal Anatoly, pleased, newly arrived travelers gifted him warm wool



Animated symbols are colorful and graceful. Bars rotate around their axis, and spread a frosty plume all around the perimeter. With a slight arrogant flicker, they defend their position. The bonus flashes and appears from the center of the target. Get your ten, aim right at the target. The cherry freezes in front of your eyes, its gentle swinging brings to mind the distant shores where the cold is the only thing you can see and feel around you. The seven and the dollar are knocking in unison, moving simultaneously and synchronously, their polar reflection is visible even on the furthest iceberg. Little Snowball and Tolik finally made up, now they’re playing hide-and-seek again and racing for gift chips. The «north» sign swings slightly in the wind and inspires confidence in victory, and the «double» Mr winks and illuminates the space around him.



Our faithful and reliable guides to the North, our best friend symbols, always seek to remove obstacles and grant grandiose cash prizes no matter where in the world we are.