Slot machine for SALE – “Savannah”

Slot machine for SALE – “Savannah”




Savannah Themed online slot game

What about the game? This is a magnificent, very simple and interesting slot with African nature, where wild animals are represented: wild boars, zebras, giraffes, elephants and others like them. A variety of bright and creative symbols and gorgeous animation with colorful graphics will not leave anyone indifferent. The African nature of the game will allow each user to feel the atmosphere of the savannah together with the main characters and make bets with an eye to winning in pleasure. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen there is the Savannah slot. The screen shows a reel with five columns, in which all the elements of the slot are located. There is a “Savannah” logo at the top of the reels. Below is a control panel with bets, lines, winnings. The reels are made of wood with 20 lines on the sides.

Below, there is a reel for Free Spins game in the center of the screen. At the top is the title of the slot in big wooden letters – “Savannah”. The reel is presented with five columns, which contain slot symbols. Below is a control panel with cells of balance, bets per line and total winnings. The number of Free Spins is displayed in the middle.



The main background of Savannah slot. In the middle of the picture is the move of the Elephants from senior to junior. They move across the green savannah. In the background there are mountain ranges with snowy peaks extending into the sky, and their foothills are shrouded in a white haze… The sky is illuminated by the sun, there are red clouds on it. In the foreground, among the grass, there are large stones, on one of which a green lizard sits.



The night version background of the Savannah game. On the screen we can find the same five Elephants marching through Savannah. In the background, we see mountains illuminated by the moon. The starry sky is also complemented by thick clouds. In the foreground, among the grass, there are large stones with a lizard sitting on one of them.



And here there are two vertical slot symbols. In terms of their height, they occupy three cells at once on the reel vertically. Both symbols are presented in wooden frames, surrounded by colored elements. On the first symbol, among the green nature and blue sky, we see a giraffe. Yellow-brown in color with shaggy yellow ears, large green eyes, chewing on leaves of a tree. There is another WILD symbol next to it. It is presented on a blue background; this is a colored wooden African deity with a decorated colored face, and the letters are volumetric salad color.



On the animation, you can see how from the two slot symbols, represented in miniature, the elements take on their true vertical size. Large vertical symbols appear from the faces of the characters, covering three symbols on the reel at once in size.


There are three symbols of the highest category: Free Spin, Scatter, Wild. All symbols have a square-shaped wood frame with colored elements. Free spins are represented by green volumetric letters; its main character is a golden lion’s head. Scatter – volumetric red letters; on a green background, the main symbol is represented – a colored gorilla with a large red nose and a predominance of purple and yellow in colors. Wild is also represented by yellow volumetric letters; on a green background, we see an image of an African deity – this is a colored mask made of wood with red eyes, a nose and green lips.



The animation demonstrates how the Free Spin symbol – Lion – shimmers with a golden glow and flicker, and the letters are brightly highlighted. The scatter is highlighted in gold, the gorilla is waving his head and raising his eyebrows. WILD – the mask shimmers with gold, and the red eyes glow brightly.


Symbols of the  category Middle presented in round wooden frames. Here we see four symbols. The first one is the surprised face of a giraffe with leaves in its mouth, the second symbol is the smiling face of a lion, which sits in a half turn. The third symbol is a wild boar with an angry grin, whose evil face is presented in a fiery orange color. The last symbol is a beautiful striped zebra in black and white, with black nostrils and lips, and charming eyes with long eyelashes.



On the animation, all four symbols of the middle category, around the perimeter of the round frames, are highlighted with a golden glow in a circle. The giraffe easily shakes its head to the right, the lion smiles, jumping up and down, the boar with an angry grin tilts its head, and the zebra nods its head cutely.


The next five symbols belong to the lowest category. They are made of wood painted in different colors, rewound with ropes and stretched with burlap. A, K, Q, J, 10. They are presented in colors: purple, green, orange, blue, and red.



Symbol animation of the category Low. All elements are highlighted with a white glow on the diagonal.


Pop-up Big Win. On the background of the main reel of the slot, it is represented by large volumetric letters – “Big Win”. It is bright orange, with tints, gold coins are flying around, there is a bright yellow glow. The amount of the winnings is shown on a wooden plate below.



Pop-up Mega Win. In the center of the screen there is an inscription “Mega Win” in large volumetric letters. It is made in the form of a wooden greeting badge and is presented in a bright gold frame. The badge has curved ribbons on the sides. Below is a wooden plate and the amount of the winning in yellow numbers. All around we see a lot of gold stars, flying gold coins and colored diamonds.



Pop-up Super Win. The title is presented in large volumetric silver letters on the background of a round wooden element with a gold rim. Below, on a wooden block, is the winning amount. There is a golden glow and an abundance of gold coins flying around the pop-up.



Pop-up animation. On the day version of the slot background, all three of the above-mentioned pop-ups are presented, that appears from the center of the screen and each is highlighted in gold with a bright glow of gold and silver overflow.


This is a paytable. On a rectangular screen on a beige banner, we see symbols of the middle category, in two rows of two each, with quantitative characteristics and the amount of payments for each. At the top of the screen we have numbered pages, at the bottom of the screen – navigation buttons, on the right side of the screen, EXIT is written in large gradient letters. At the very bottom of the screen is a control panel with a central one (cells for bets, lines, autoplay, maximum bet, bet per line and total winnings).



The next page of the paytable. It is represented at number two. There are two rows of two and three symbols of the lowest category. Opposite each of them are quantitative characteristics and next to each – the amount of the payment.



On the third page of paytable, symbols of the category High are presented, under each of which there are conditions that apply to each of them. Free Spins are three ‘free spins’ symbols on lines 1, 3 and 5 that trigger 12 free spins. In this case, you can win more Free Spins under the same conditions. Scatter – three symbols on lines 1, 3 or 5 trigger 12 free spins. In this case, you can win more free spins under the same conditions. Wild symbol – can appear anywhere on the reel and replace any symbol.



The fourth page of the paytable. It features two vertical symbols: an African deity and a Giraffe. Deity Wild – this “wild” extended symbol appears only during free spins and two symbols required for payout; Giraffe – the extended giraffe symbol can appear anywhere on the reel.



The last page of paytable is “Line”. The screen contains four rows of five options for the positions of the symbols on the lines on the reel, which imply the winning options. Winning combinations are highlighted in red.