Slot machine for SALE – “Olympic Games”

Slot machine for SALE – “Olympic Games”




Olympic Games online slot game

What do we know about the Olympics? We know that the Olympic Games are held every four years in countries around the world. People of all countries “cheer” for their own in the hope of a greater number of won medals. Games are available in summer and winter. Participants from all over the world take part in them (from all countries). The games themselves have many types of sports.

A simple and understandable game without any kind of rules, understandable even for a beginner, colorful pictures and symbols, a bonus game – all this is the Olympic Games slot. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen (above), there is the Olympic Games slot reel, presented on the main background. “Olympic Games” inscription is made in volumetric gold letters and placed at the top. The reel itself is divided into five equal columns, which are equipped with all the symbols of this game. The frame is decorated with curved gold elements along the sides and perimeter. There are also many buttons, cells in the control panel, which is located at the bottom. There is a gold SPIN button in the center.

Here is a picture of a Olympic stadium full of people. All the fans are represented in bright clothes, some of them are holding multi-colored flags and balloons, banners, as well as flying colored confetti. Also we can see blue cloudy sky above the stadium:



The next picture – two gold medals of the first and second places with a blue and red ribbon are presented on a white background. Еhe picture are decorated with a golden laurel and a golden goblet on the sides:



Here are the highest symbols of this game in gold frames, which have a blue and lilac background. The first symbol is the eternal flame of the Olympic Games, and the second is the gold medal for first place:



Here are symbols of the middle category in steel frames. The first two symbols are boxers in red and blue gloves, crossed in battle. Boxers with light and dark skin. The next two symbols are female tennis players. The first is a dark-skinned tennis player, and next to it is the same symbol – but a tennis player with a racket and a flying ball, but light-skinned.



The next row of symbols of the middle category in the amount of four pieces, presented in steel frames. The first symbol is a red-uniformed weightlifter lifting a heavy barbell. The second is an archer in purple uniform, she stands sideways with a drawn bow. Gymnast in a green leotard with a ball. And the fourth symbol is a runner girl crossing the finish line with a red ribbon.



There are the symbols of the lowest category. They made in bright colors (red, green, purple, blue), with a gold frame. Letters: A, K, Q, J.



The next screen presents a bonus game with the name at the top in three-dimensional gold letters. There are five torches in the center of the screen, which the player must choose. Having chosen correctly, fire lights up in the torches and the player receives a win.



On this illustration, we see the process of the bonus game, namely, the igniting fire in the torches selected by the player: