Slot machine for SALE – “Gold of Pyramids”

Slot machine for SALE – “Gold of Pyramids”




Egyptian Themed online slot game

Surely each of you was fascinated by the mathematics of ancient Egypt, as well as the pyramids of Cheops and the Sphinx, which are one of the seven wonders of the world. Egypt is a country with a long history, where there are many secrets and mysticism, and all the secrets are known for certain not to everyone, but only to few chosens, local. The Gold of Pyramids slot is an incredibly interesting and exciting game with beautiful and bright gold shimmering symbols, superbly designed graphics and animation, which allows each player not only to fully immerse themselves in the luxury of the Egyptian heritage with their heads, but also to spend their leisure time with pleasure. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The first illustration is the splash screen in the middle shows a stone tomb with a golden glow emanating from it, in the upper center is the slot title “Gold of Pyramids”, and below there are two game symbols with explanations of game features. On the sides of the tomb there are golden elements in the Egyptian style. Golden “Continue” button is placed at the bottom center.

Below,  there is a main slot reel of the slot machine, which is divided into five equal columns, in which the game symbols of all categories are located. The title “Gold of Pyramids” is placed at the top of the reels. Below is a simple, clear and user-friendly control panel with red rectangular cells, navigation buttons and a round SPIN button in a gold frame in the form of a gem.



This is the main background of the slot. On the screen we see the desert, and the Egyptian pyramids, on the left – the entrance to the stone treasury, guarded by stone deities. The entrance is illuminated with burning torches. On the right side of the picture, the Egyptian pyramids and the pyramid of the Sphinx are visible in the distance. There are also green spaces and palm trees near the treasury. The picture in the center is complemented by stone columns with inscriptions, gold ornaments, imitating trees.



All symbols of this game are presented on the screen. At the top there are two symbols of the highest category in square gold frames. The first is Bonus with Egyptian pyramids and an abundance of beautiful golden birds and various elements. Next is the second symbol, this is a black cat – a panther, which is the main of the key symbols of Egypt. Below the row is presented with three symbols of the middle category. The first is a golden scarab beetle with precious stones, the second is the eye of Horus in gold with precious stones, and the third is the Maat feather of gold with precious stones.

Below are letters and numbers, in bright colors, complemented by gold decor. Letters: A, K, Q, J, 10.



Animation of symbols of the category High: pyramids and a panther, their frames shimmer with gold around the perimeter, there are also many decorative golden elements around the pyramids with precious stones that sparkle, and the Bonus inscription shimmers. Panther, as the second high category slot symbol, growls softly.


Below are the animated symbols of the category Middle. The first is a scarab beetle with a stone that shimmers with gold, and the precious cut is highlighted; the eye of Horus shimmers with gold around the perimeter, and precious stones sparkle. The third symbol is the Maat feather, like the flapping of the wings of a bird, which shimmers with gold, and precious stones sparkle and shimmer.


Thanks to animation, each letter decor is highlighted in gold, shimmers with precious stones and sparkles.


The screen shows a tomb made of stone with carved decorations on each with Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the middle there is a stone pedestal on which there are nine decorative gold bowls, among which you need to find treasures – gold and diamonds. This kind of bonus game gives each player a chance to increase the amount of money in his account several times.



The next animation shows bowls on a stone slab that can be chosen by the player to increase his profits. It contains either sand or precious stones and gold. And here the main thing for the player is not to miss, make his bet and get a win.


Pop-up Big Win. A stone tomb, decorated with precious stones, gold, as well as clay bowls, from which white smoke emanates, is represented in the center of the screen. In the center of the tomb there is an inscription in big gradient letters Big Win, and the amount of the winnings is at the bottom.



Big Win pop-up animation. On the background of the reels, a stone tomb can be seen in the center, on which the inscription Big Win and the winning amount appear in translucent letters. White smoke emanates from the jugs on either side.


Pop-up Mega Win. In the center of the screen there is a stone tomb, on either side of which there are placers of gold in bowls. Gradient inscription in the center in large letters Mega Win. Below is the winning amount. There is also a beautiful Egyptian-style gold decor underneath.



Pop-up animation Mega Win. In the center of the tomb, which appears in the middle of the screen, there is an inscription Mega Win with the amount of the winnings, and the side bowls that complement the tomb swing from the abundance of gold in them.


Pop-up SUPER Win. In the center of the screen is a tomb decorated with precious stones, carved decor, Egyptian hieroglyphs, gold, bowls with an abundance of gold are located on the sides, and the tomb is also decorated with peculiar golden feathers – one of the Egyptian symbols of good luck. In the center of the tomb there is an inscription with gradient letters SUPER Win and the amount of the winnings under it.



The appearance of the SUPER Win pop-up on the background of the tomb, with iridescent gradient letters and the amount of winnings. On the sides there are jugs, from which white smoke emanates, and the gold decor in the form of wings, like the gold bowls on the sides, sway slightly from side to side.


In the center of the screen there is a Cheops pyramid with ornamented stone columns, where in the center there is a congratulatory inscription “Congratulations”; it says you won 15 free spins.



A congratulatory screen on the background of a pyramid, where the inscription “Congratulations” is represented in big red letters, which says that you have won 200 tokens.



A notification pop-up on the background of a pyramid, where it’s written on the wall in large gradient blue letters that the free spins are over.