Slot machine for SALE – “Great Gorilla”

Slot machine for SALE – “Great Gorilla”




Jungle themed online slot game

The journey into the jungle is always very exciting and incredible. Let’s plunge into this unbridled world of lians, wild animals and torrential rains. One fine morning, a group of travelers land on the shore in search of new tropical flowers to treat fever. They long and stubbornly make their way through the shrubbery shrubbery. Wood vines dangle densely from the trees, creating a strong barrier for searchers. Wild predators lurk in a circle. They watch the outsiders, study them, and try to be invisible when threatened, ready to attack. Starts a heavy heavy rainstorm, travelers are very tired and hungry, and also want to warm their soaked to the brim organisms. The sadness that this darkness of the wild forest will consume them forever, and they will go down in history as people who failed to save humanity from a powerful affliction. But here is the prize. It turns out, just during the rainy season, these unusual flowers begin to bloom actively around one of the oldest trees. But the local animals of this world have long learned about the miraculous quality of these plants. Every wounded beast came to the tree and ate the flower petals and the disease retreated. Just recently, the King of Apes, the father of all primates, the Great Gorilla, was wounded in a leopard attack. Will outsiders be able to engage and challenge the forest master and at the same time win back even one therapeutic flower? If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reel of the slot is very bright and rich, unconventional. On the dark background of the reel are wild symbols in five rows, creating their simple tropical lines. Around the perimeter, the slot game reel will surround the trees with thick intertwined vines. There is a majestic and strong inscription of bright-scarlet color «Great Gorilla».  The Monkey King gold coin looks like the most expensive decoration in the slot. The stone numbers are very old and worn out. Combined with the letters create a harmonious composition. Unique and expensive symbols give the slot relevance in this topic. All animals are very clear with detailed drawing. The control panel is simple and light. The big yellow «Spin» button in raspberry coloring, makes the game launch. The balance and win window writes sums in the golden tide. In the «bet» window you can change the amount of bet thanks to the plus and minus. The key «Max bet» allows you to put the maximum possible amount:



The background of the slot is a drawing of the wild jungle of the Amazon. Majestic trees populate the entire forest. They’re so high, it’s gonna be very hard to get to the top to see the terrain. Sun rays barely cut through this thickness of vegetation and almost do not fall to the ground, so often in the forest is very humid and wet. All the leaves are very juicy and full of color. Hundreds of vines hang around, so the trees are connected, creating a friendly and cohesive plant collective.



The night version of the background of the forest is very dull and calm. Wild animals go out to hunt, spiders braid bushes with a powerful web waiting for dinner. The snakes hover over the branches and hunt down small prey. A bunch of beetles roam the ground, rustling their shells and tapping their paws. The jungle song is quite abundant and polyphonic.



ExpensiveHigh slot symbols of rectangular shape with the same wooden frame. «Bonus» – is a roulette with colored margins and a blue inscription at the bottom. If three or more of these symbols appear, the bonus game opens. «Golden Gorilla» – resembles an expensive collectible coin with the image of a profile of a monkey. The big gorilla symbol «Wild» can replace any other symbol in the combination except the bonus and scatter. «Scatter» – presented as a picture of the forest on the background of the waterfall with a green inscription at the bottom.



Middle symbols are the wildlife animals: A long-necked giraffe rips the leaves off the tops, replenishing the body’s water supply. His spotted plush back graces the eye. A very sweet and kind beast. His friend the zebra is waving his mane and grazing on the sandy terrain in search of succulent grass. He is like a real wheel of fortune, then the white strip is black. Always hungry, and ready to eat even dry twigs. A huge elephant – lifted his trunk and calls his children, who are behind. His hide is very dense and rough. It is hard to fight such a beast, even a lion does not dare to engage in a fight. The lion is mighty and formidable, its lion roar is heard everywhere, the earth trembles from the vibration of sound, and the bushes shake. The king of animals is always formidable and strong:



Low characters – Latin letters and numbers in different colors braided with juicy and strong vines.




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