In Las Vegas, opened the special casino for the Chinese

In Las Vegas, opened the special casino for the Chinese

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The first casino in Las Vegas, is fully focused on visitors from China and other Asian countries, will open December 3, 2016. The complex is located to the north of the zone of Las Vegas Strip, where the major hotels of the city. Two of the hotel with a casino, also designed for Asian tourists, build a gambling capital of the United States in the coming years, writes the Los Angeles Times.

The complex Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino 203 hotel rooms, five restaurants Chinese cuisine, octagonal bar (number eight is considered lucky in China), separate tea bar, casino. All the hotel staff will speak in two languages – English and Chinese.

Almost anywhere in the hotel can not find the number four is considered unlucky in East Asia. The nine-storey building does not have a fourth floor. Interiors Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino are decorated in Chinese style. Read more.

Chinese Casino in Las VegasIn Las Vegas expected influx of tourists from China, the newspaper notes. In early December, the airline Hainan Airlines will start operating direct flights from the Republic in Las Vegas-Airport Mc Carran. In 2015, the city was visited by more than 206,000 Chinese visitors – twice more than in 2010.

In addition to the Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas in 2019 it is planned to open a complex with a casino and hotel on 3,2 thousand numbers, also focused on the coming of the Asian players. The project will cost about four billion dollars. Another gambling establishment for the Chinese value of two billion dollars to build in the city of the Australian company Crown Resort.

Residents of China are famous for addiction to gambling. According to one version, it was in China at the beginning of the IX century were invented playing cards. At the same time the only region in the country where casinos are permitted, is Macau.