Downloading Online Casino

Downloading Online Casino


Online casinos have become part of the lives of many gambling enthusiasts. This direction of gambling is rapidly developing, and, taking into account current trends, we can confidently say that its popularity will only increase in the coming years.



The advantages of an online casino are undeniable and obvious:

  • You can play anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Enjoy an incredible selection of varied games with the widest range of bets and free testing.
  • Bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs and other promotional promotions are offered at all reputable establishments.
  • You do not have to incur additional costs for transport, accommodation, meals, and so on.
  • You do not come across rude dealers, drunken tablemates and other unpleasant personalities that are often found in offline casinos.

It can take a long time to list the advantages of gambling portals. To fully comprehend them, it is necessary to test them on personal experience, which is easy to do in the current environment.


Download or not download?

Next, let’s move on to the topic of our article. There are two main approaches of online gambling operators to organizing gameplay:

  1. Downloadable casino – The user must download and install the client program through which the game process is carried out.
  2. Flash casino – All institution services are offered directly on the site, so you can play right in the browser window. Additionally, you can highlight mobile casinos designed to run on smartphones, as well as establishments offering special plugins to ensure uninterrupted access. But they, in fact, should be classified as flash casino.


Almost all gambling portals have a flash version. Some sites offer both options at once. The presence of only a downloadable program is a rather rare phenomenon in modern gambling.

Let’s figure out what advantages the client program has:

  • As a rule, when there are two versions, the download offers a wider selection of games.
  • When using software, the requirements for Internet speed and computer power are reduced.
  • You can use a higher level of graphics quality in games, as well as use a wide range of settings.
  • Games installed on the computer practically do not freeze.
  • Often, participation in tournaments is possible only through the client program.
  • The player’s personal account has more extensive capabilities and the most convenient interface.
  • The increased level of protection allows you not to fear account hacking.

Of course, this option is not suitable for all clients. For example, if you play in a casino on a public computer, you’d better stick with the flash version.



Casino lobby characteristics

Each manufacturer of software for online gambling implements its own peculiarities in the downloadable program. As a rule, the following sections are always available:

Cashier, where financial transactions are carried out;
Cabinet with client data;
Lobby with games divided into thematic sections;
Tournaments window;
Bonuses and promotions page;
Methods of communication with support representatives;
The mailbox where letters arrive and so on.
All manufacturers try to make the casino client software intuitive for any beginner and as convenient as possible for all users. Usually, various settings and additional functions are available, which you need to familiarize yourself with on a case-by-case basis.


Do I need to download a mobile online casino?

Video slots and other gambling games have long been available to users of smartphones and tablets. Now it is impossible to imagine a solid online casino without a convenient mobile version that supports most modern devices. Some of them offer to download the program to a smartphone. Usually this can be done on the institution’s website or from app stores for models on iOS, Android or WinPhone. Installed client programs for mobile casinos have the same advantages as desktop software. They provide stable access, better security, a wider range of games, and so on. But many gambling portals do without this format. You can launch all models, receive bonuses, participate in tournaments and use other services directly from your smartphone browser.



Are live dealer games downloaded?

Most of the largest portals provide an opportunity to gamble with real dealers. If the casino offers a downloadable program, there is no doubt that the live casino will be presented in this format. But many gambling sites that work in the browser version allow you to play with real dealers without installing additional software.


Who should install a downloadable online casino?

In principle, the installed client program can be useful to any user. If you at least occasionally play in a casino from a stationary home computer, we recommend taking advantage of this format (if, of course, your favorite casino offers it). If you are used to playing in different places, the download option will not work for you. Better to stay at mobile online casinos. They are actively developing and improving, due to which their shortcomings become less and less significant. In any case, the main thing is to remember about computer security.