The disaffection to the Casinos: the causes and validity

The disaffection to the Casinos: the causes and validity


Before proceeding directly to the essence of the issue under consideration, we want to immediately warn that in this article (as in any other publications) we are not going to present the casino in the most favorable light and agitate you to start playing for money.

Our goal is to understand why this type of business is often subjected to persecution by the authorities, as well as public, political and religious organizations. Let’s find out how justified the claims put forward against him are, whether gambling can be useful to the state and how dangerous it is for people of different ages and layers.

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Why does hostility arise?

Religious organizations play a significant role in creating a negative image of gambling. Most beliefs consider gambling a vice. Naturally, their representatives fight them, showing a different degree of diligence. Thus, in countries with powerful religious structures involved in government, it is very rare to find casinos. And if such establishments operate, local residents are ordered to enter them, and mainly tourists visit them.

Let’s not forget about politicians. Many of them, feeling certain moods in society, make the fight against gambling one of the key points of their election programs.

Finally, we mention such a factor as one-sided (or even false) coverage of the topic in the media. To begin with, casinos become interesting to newspaper and television people only when something really “interesting” happens there. For example, if someone is killed at the game table, if gang raids take place in the hall, if robbers clean the cash register, and so on. So it turns out that ordinary people hear only bad news related to gambling establishments. All this gradually develops in their heads into a certain picture.

As you can see, you can find a lot of reasons to dislike casinos, if you do not strive for objectivity.


What is a Casino?

In fact, any gambling club, in fact, is only an entertainment institution offering a range of services. If it works honestly, in accordance with local laws, there should be no complaints against it. But if it violates any norms, its owners should be held accountable.

Also, one should not forget that a casino is a business, not a charity. Opening it, the organizers expect to earn. In almost all games, the so-called mathematical superiority is laid down, expressed in a few percent. We have repeatedly talked about this parameter in other articles, so we will not repeat it. If it seems unfair to you, just don’t go to gambling establishments. But then do not buy lotteries, because in them this figure is many times higher.

Consequently, the loss of part of the money can be considered as a fee for the services rendered and the pleasure received. This is the most robust approach.



Do bans make sense?

Probably gambling is not the most laudable thing. But it so happened that in the history of mankind there was always and everywhere a place for passion. Ask the representatives of the older generation how things were with this issue in the days of the Union, when the casino in the country was not even discussed. You will be surprised at the variety of illegal methods that flourished in those days. And all of them are fundamentally no different from what the clients of gambling houses do.

Thus, by banning casinos, the state is pushing people to quench their thirst for excitement in unacceptable conditions, which contributes to the development of underground gambling and, in the end, deprives the state of solid budget revenues and a significant number of jobs.



What should be done about casinos?

Now let’s discuss how you should perceive gambling establishments so that their visit does not become a complete disappointment for you. First of all, you should not go to the casino as a job. Units of professional players manage to make gambling a more or less stable source of income. This is hard work, requiring serious preparation, a lot of time, an impressive cash reserve and a number of additional conditions.

Moreover, professionals do not enjoy the gameplay. They act according to a pre-planned plan, not allowing themselves to deviate from the developed strategy. They do not always remain in the black. Their life is full of stress and health problems.


Finally, we repeat: we do not urge you to go to the casino. If your soul does not require passion, calmly enjoy life without it. However, think carefully every time you intend to speak out for or against the gambling business. The situation with him is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

If this industry is properly organized, it can certainly be incredibly useful to the state. On the other hand, the lack of control in this area inevitably leads to an increase in crime, an increase in the number of gamers and other troubles. In a word, be reasonable. Good luck to you!