Slot machine for SALE – “Space Trip”

Slot machine for SALE – “Space Trip”



Space Themed online slot game

Who does everyone, without exception, admire? Astronauts, of course! People who have conquered space become legends. Everyone dreams of this, but so far not everyone can make this dream come true. What if you could press a button on your phone and take a virtual interplanetary flight? Just imagine: open space, meteorites rushing past, and you can choose a course to any planet. Who would pass up the most delightful adventure of life? “Space Trip” slot is for those who dream to conquer the Universe. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reel is designed like a starry sky. Bright stars shine on a dark blue background and beckon to hit the road as soon as possible. A spaceship is depicted above the game field. Its steel color blends harmoniously with the dividing lines on the reels. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The progress icon shows the progress of the game. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is designed as a spaceship hatch. The button for showing an info screen is made in the form of a blue star.



The game background opens up the planets of the solar system to the audience. The sun is shining so brightly that the sky does not look blue, as we are used to, but red-orange. Still would! We see the sky in blue thanks to the Earth’s atmosphere. Without an atmosphere, in space, everything looks completely different. On the background of the game, we see the Earth as just one of the planets. It is easy to recognize by the image of continents and oceans, but it is still unusual to see the Earth so small. Indeed, in comparison, the Earth is much smaller than Jupiter and Saturn. Here they are, the giants of the solar system, also on the background. Even the asteroid belt, which is located between Mars and Jupiter, is displayed in the background as a shooting star.



The game symbols are not that realistic. There are also elements of fantasy among them. The symbols “Wild” and “Ex Wild” are designed as UFOs. This is how many science fiction writers portray the spacecraft of aliens from other planets.

The alien theme continues in other symbols as well. Here is a creature with green skin and huge almond-shaped eyes. A very recognizable image! This alien visitor looks friendly and even seems to wave a greeting. But not only creatures from other planets can travel between the stars! Here is an earthly astronaut in a spacesuit. It looks like he went into outer space. The third symbol represents a large spaceship. It doesn’t look like an ordinary flying saucer. It is a large ship and is probably built for great achievement. All symbols of this level are framed in a square steel-colored frame. The frame simulates the elements of the rocket skin.

The next two symbols are dedicated to the development of new planets. The first symbol depicts a spacecraft for one astronaut. It is a convenient transport for the reconnaissance astronaut. In such a ship, it is convenient to separate from the team and set off to explore a new world. What if life is there? The second symbol depicts either a helper robot that collects soil on a new planet and prepares to analyze it. Or… maybe this is a guest from another galaxy? Perhaps aliens are as eager to explore the Earth as we dream of mastering new worlds?

And, finally, symbols depicting celestial bodies. Each of these symbols make you hold your breath and watch without stopping. What attracts a single player more? Perhaps this is Saturn with its mysterious rings. Or a huge meteorite that leaves behind a luminous trail. We all freeze, gazing into the night sky, and make wishes for a shooting star. And when the planets are so close, right on the phone, it should definitely bring good luck.



In a case of win, the reels are darkened on the congratulatory screens. On its background, the inscriptions “Big Win” or “5 of a kind” appear. Bright letters and high-tech font support the theme of the game.



The slot info screen assumes an information field, designed as a screen on the control panel in the spacecraft. On the greeting screen, in the case of Jackpot, the game background and the reels are darkened. A congratulatory inscription and a counter appear, made with already known high-tech font.


Paytables are designed on a dark blue background with stars.




The background and the reels are darkened on the greeting screens in case of receiving bonus games. The text with information about the win is placed on the screen with a scattering of blue and white stars. The OK button is made in the form of a spaceship hatch.