Slot machine for SALE – “Divine Greece”

Slot machine for SALE – “Divine Greece”



Greek Themed online slot machine

When we talk about Ancient Greece, first of all the Olympian gods, led by Zeus, appear in memory. A huge number of myths have been created around them. And the very history of Greece is inextricably linked with beliefs in gods. Even the capital of Greece, the city of Athens, was named after the goddess Athena. The temples that were built in honor of the gods still cause interest and delight today. Also, the theme of ancient gods continues to inspire authors to create films, paintings, sculptures and, of course, games. What is the secret of such popularity of the Greek gods? Perhaps they carry the qualities and abilities that people want to have. In Divine Greece slot, we recall the most famous characters of ancient Greek mythology and allow players to try on the image of Zeus the Thunderer himself. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels of the slot game is designed with a combination of different textures. It is based on boulders associated with the ruins of ancient Greek shrines. Ropes are used as an additional design element. They remind of the numerous sea adventures of the heroes of Greek mythology.



Two game backgrounds are dedicated to two components of the history of Ancient Greece – divine and earthly.
The first one is dedicated to Zeus himself. He sits proudly on a throne among the clouds, at the very top of Olympus. In the right hand of the supreme god is his traditional rod with lightning. The throne of Zeus is made of marble and decorated with gold. Based on the numerous lightning bolts, we can conclude that Zeus is out of sorts and is ready to send a serious thunderstorm to earth.



The second game background depicts an antique amphitheater. In such open arenas, round or oval, mass performances were held. We can imagine how competitions of ancient Greek athletes or warriors took place in a similar arena. Several Greek amphitheaters have survived to this day, and now they are very popular among tourists.



Wild symbol – an image of an owl, a faithful companion of the goddess Athena. It is known that Athena is the goddess of wisdom. And since in myths the owl accompanies Athena, she also became a symbol of wisdom. Among the famous finds associated with the gods of Greece, there is a silver coin depicting Athena on one side and an owl on the other. The Owl of Athena is the most famous coin of antiquity.

Another Wild symbol is the winged horse Pegasus. This is not just a horse! If you believe the myths, his parents were the god of the seas himself Poseidon and Medusa the Gorgon. There were even statues of Pegasus installed in Corinth. It had many amazing properties. Including, Pegasus could climb Olympus. Moreover, he delivered his famous lightning bolts to Zeus.

Scatter symbol – the supreme god of Olympus, Zeus. Here we see him still in the form of a young man with long blond hair and a beard. Behind Zeus, you can see the clouds and columns of the temple in his honor.

Regular symbols illustrate various myths of Ancient Greece. Among the images is Poseidon – Zeus’s brother, the ruler of the seas. After defeating the titans, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades shared the spheres of their power by lot. Thus, Hades got the underworld, Zeus became the ruler on earth, and Poseidon received the expanses of water.

Another symbol is dedicated to Medusa the Gorgon. Most people know about the Gorgon only that her gaze turned everyone to stone, and that only Perseus, who used a mirrored shield, managed to defeat the Gorgon. But the story of the Gorgon is worthy of special attention. Ovid describes the Gorgon as a beautiful girl with luxurious hair. Poseidon himself sought the attention of the beauty. Young Gorgon refused to the lord of the seas. But we know how wayward and persistent he was. Poseidon turned into a bird to catch up with the girl. She took refuge in the Temple of Athena, but Poseidon overtook her there. After the incident, Athena punished the Gorgon for desecrating the temple and turned her into a monster with snakes instead of hair.

Two more characters of symbols are characters that are often found in the myths of Ancient Greece. Pan is the son of Hermes. According to legend, he was born with goat legs, horns and a beard. Immediately after birth, he began to jump and laugh. Hermes took his son to Olympus and there an amazing child amused all the gods. Pan is considered the patron saint of shepherds, fertility and wildlife.

The centaur we see among the symbols is not a god. Centaurs are mythical creatures, inhabitants of mountains and forest thickets. Centaurs have a human head and torso located on the body of a horse. In myths, centaurs appear as mentors of heroes. Many legends mention that the centaurs accompanied the god of wine Dionysus.

Low symbols are traditional alphanumeric card symbols. These symbols are decorated with the traditional Greek ornament – the meander.



Animated symbols highlight the characteristics of each character depicted in the images. Zeus’s eyes sparkle and lightning flashes around him. Poseidon stretches out his hand – and waves rise. Medusa Gorgon’s eyes flash dangerously, reminding her of her ability to turn to stone with her gaze. Pegasus rises on its hind legs and is about to take off. The owl of Athena shimmers with gold and silver glitter, like on a coin. In the hands of the master, his constant flute comes to life, and the centaur with a precise movement releases an arrow from a bow.


The screen for congratulations in the case of Big win looks like an amphitheater with banners arranged in a row. The stone supports are connected with ropes, and there is an inscription on them.



For the design of the Paytable, a background similar to the background of the game reels is used. This is an imitation of a stone surface.

The text for describing information about symbols is stylized like the Greek alphabet.





The greeting screens for bonus games use blue plates with golden frames. This design reminds of Olympus, where the gods lived. The top of Olympus reached the clouds and the blue background symbolizes the sky. The gold frame around the plates is decorated with the traditional meander.