Slot machine for SALE – “Chili Pepper”

Slot machine for SALE – “Chili Pepper”



Mexican Themed online slot machine

An unlit gourmet who has fallen into a fire trap will try to flood the flames with water, but this is unsuccessful. Feel the sharpness of this game by running the slot. The game in the machine is built on five reels with 50 fixed lines. Each reel is divided into three rows. The images are the peppers themselves; card symbols, effectively stylized, bordered by flames and special symbols: Bonus, Scatter and Wild. All these images will help you earn good payouts. The bottom of the screen shows a classic set of buttons. Big round spin button – will launch the reels for a single spin. If necessary, users can select the automatic game mode. After that, it remains only to watch the gameplay, which takes place on the screen. The current balance and winnings are displayed in the fields provided.  If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The main background is the Mexican shop, which sells all kinds of peppers for those who are not afraid to get burned. Here you will find habanero pepper. Next to it are less hot, but nevertheless, hot Mexican ones: yellow and red Tabasco pepper, pepper “bird’s eye”, medium-hot halpenie and the famous cayenne pepper. Visit the shop and feel the unique aroma and taste of these unique products.



Vivid images of the slot can raise even the worst of moods. They literally radiate energy and positive emotions. Among the thematic set of the gaming machine, there are images of peppers. They differ in color and type. On the lower level there are signs of card denominations – A, K, Q, made in the appropriate style. Special symbols are flames, which, as it were, emphasize the hottest of the slot and are signed accordingly: Bonus, Scatter and Wild.



While loading the main game, the user will be able to watch on the screen our splash-screen, located in the center of the screen with the logo and name of the game. After the main program window appears, the splash closes.



Three or more Bonus symbols on the line trigger the bonus mode, in which a window with the image of six red peppers appears, behind which additional bonus points are hidden. You have only three attempts. An amazing vegetable promises to bring impressive wins. The fruits of hot pepper contain a large number of prizes.



In case of a successful attempt, the flame will highlight the winning amount. Otherwise, the pepper will simply burn. In Mexico, eating of chili is associated with strength, courage and masculine character traits. How many peppers can you handle?



Three or more SCATTER symbols trigger free spins. In this case, you will see a pop-up window surrounded by multi-colored peppers, in which information about the number of free spins is indicated. Free spins give you the opportunity to win without a single replenishment and contribution.



The winning amount will be displayed as gold symbols. You can hit a good jackpot, and thanks to earned money you’ll be able to play further and increase your advantage.



The symbols in the payout table are shown in decreasing order of value and are highlighted in 4 subgroups of three icons. The first consists of special symbols: Bonus (bonus round), Scatter (launches free spins), Wild (replaces other values, for a more advantageous combination).



High-level symbols are placed in the second group. They form the most valuable combinations.



Middle Symbols – thematic icons are also presented here. They make up chains with not very high coefficients and are placed in the third block.



At the end of the table are low-level symbols – card denominations. They land on the reels most often, but bring small wins.



Like the chili pepper itself, the animation of special symbols is made mainly in bright red colors with a green insert, absorbed by a burning fire. In the animation of the other symbols, the rich colors of the juicy palette appear, which perfectly emphasize the brightness of the main game elements of the machine. Some peppercorns demonstrate the ripening effect of the fetus. All elements look harmonious. Fans of thrills and seething passions will rightly appreciate the burning symbols of card denominations. This symbolism looks very appropriate.


But one thing seems to be certain for sure: whether you like chili for a thrill, or because you hate the weak taste of unflavored dishes, you will not encounter a lack of spicy with us.