Slot machine for SALE – “Bima”

Slot machine for SALE – “Bima”



Bima Themed online slot game

What did you dream about as a child, who would you like to be? I’ve always wanted to be a super hero and have super powers. I always dreamed of having the power of invisibility and mind reading. Not bad, isn’t it? What superpower would you like to have? Ever wonder why everyone loves superheroes so much? Everything is elementary – they have superpowers, they know how to change the world for the better, to do good. And good, as we all know, triumphs over evil. You always want to feel especially significant and bring something good into the lives of others. Every time we do a good deed, we commit an act of good, it changes the life of mankind for the better. This is a special superpower that is inside each of us. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reels frame is designed like a shield. The shield is blue with metal inserts. At the bottom we see the basic information: buttons for the maximum bet, by using the plus and minus we can decrease and increase the rate, win, auto-spin mode, spin button. You can see super heroes and additional symbols on the screen.



The game background is designed in a futuristic style, as if we are in the vastness of a spaceship. Three capsules to travel to the future and the past. Everything is made of metal, a lot of lighting bulbs.



In the second picture of the game background, we see that the lighting has changed to violet-neon illumination, this notifies us of the movement in time, soon someone will arrive and appear from the time capsules.



Let’s take a closer look at the symbols.
The wild symbol is an amulet that protects against enemies. In the form of a silver shield and an opal inside. Has a powerful force against enemies, so we advise you to be friends with a super-hero. The scatter symbol is a red dragon in the form of lightning, breathing red fire that incinerates everything in its path. Depicted on a green background, looks contrasting on it. The bonus symbol is two powerful rangers, each with its own strength. The first is the green hornet, the lord of the elements of the Earth, everything that nature has created. It can create obstacles on the way to victory. The second is a dark blue Thunder Ranger, can also control lightning and scare with incredibly strong thunder, creates a thunderstorm, in a couple of seconds. They are an incredibly strong couple.

Regular symbols are additional super-heroes with their own power, and each is indicated by its own color: blue, green, purple and red.

Low symbols are letters in a futuristic style with different colors. By the way, if you look closely, you can add the word BIMAX, which is a reference to the popular game Bimax superhero. And once again, we’re convinced that everything new is well forgotten old. But in a new interpretation, you will be interested and addicted to this slot, with incredible power.



On the animation of the symbols, you can see how the wild symbol changes color every second, each color corresponds to each super-hero, i.e. this shield matches to each powerful ranger. In the slot we will see all the super-powers of our heroes. Sketer symbol, dancing with its letters and an iridescent dragon, increases in size, as if coming closer to us. On the bonus symbol, we see a picture of two heroes colliding with one another, preparing to fight in battle.


Regular symbols, in the animation, disappear and appear each in its own window, and each shines with fire, which denotes the super-strength of the characters.


Low symbols, in the animation, increase in size and decrease, creating a kind of dance of letters.


In the next image, we see futuristic skyscrapers, a clear day and ninja shadows, a purple super hero watching them appear. Below we see: the remaining lives, and three symbols of the dragon. At the top right corner we see Bet and Win.



On the image, we see how the shadows turned into real superheroes. The yellow ranger has a hammer in his hand, the second ranger, painted with orange stripes, has a bazooka arm, and the red ranger is a master of hand-to-hand combat. All of these rangers are directed and ready to fight against the purple ranger. Who will win? After all, the forces are not equal, but the purple ranger has a purple blaster, and it is super powerful.



In the animation, we see how super-heroes appear from the shadows, and фе the bottom of the screen, there are two lives left. That is, one has already been spent.


In the next animation, three identical rangers attack the purple super hero. They simultaneously release three balls into him from three bazooka hands.


In the next animation, three yellow super heroes attack the purple ranger at the same time, unleashing bolts of electrical energy from their hammers.


In the animation below, we see a purple ranger attacking with his blaster, unleashing purple streams of energy at three super heroes with bazooka arms.


All paytables are designed with red background and white letters and we can find out the following information: If you get a combination of letters BIMAX, then each symbol turns into a wild symbol.



In the next picture, you can see that three or more bonus symbols give a transition to the bonus game. Three or more scatter symbols give free spins. Wild symbol replaces any symbol except the scatter and bonus.



Each symbol gives a prize of one thousand (on the screen). Rules of the game:

– All symbols are paid from left to right on the active paylines.
– All winnings are multiplied by the per-line bet.
– Only the highest win is paid on each payline.