Slot machine for SALE – “Bima Satria Heroes”

Slot machine for SALE – “Bima Satria Heroes”




BIMA Themed online slot game

This slot game created by the designers based on the Indonesian TV series and comics. Bima Satria Heroes is a thrilling Japanese-style fighting game with superb graphics and fun to play. If you are eager to embark on an adventure in a completely different world, join the main characters, grab luck by the tail and win a certain amount of money, feel free to act. The original drawing of the characters, rich colors, the presence of various symbols and their combinations that appear on the reels, the presence of bonus games, a convenient and completely understandable control panel, magnificent animation – all this allows you to enjoy the Bima Satria Heroes slot with special pleasure along with its main characters. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen there is the Savannah slot. The screen shows a reel with five columns, in which all the elements of the slot are located. There is a “Savannah” logo at the top of the reels. Below is a control panel with bets, lines, winnings. The reels are made of wood with 20 lines on the sides.

Below, there is a reel for Free Spins game in the center of the screen. At the top is the title of the slot in big wooden letters – “Savannah”. The reel is presented with five columns, which contain slot symbols. Below is a control panel with cells of balance, bets per line and total winnings. The number of Free Spins is displayed in the middle.



This screen contains symbols of all categories, divided into three rows. Top row – symbols of the highest category. These are SCATTER – a stone of power with a rounded orange insert, JACKPOT – a dragon symbol that we see on the chest of warriors, and WILD – a Bima-X symbol, resembling a flying bird of fire.
The next row is the symbols belonging to the middle category. They are presented in square multi-colored frames, and each of them has a personal fantasy warrior hero. They each have their own colors: green, blue, purple, and red with metal armor and each has a weapon in his hand. Even below are the symbols of the lowest category. These are game suits: orange suit of diamonds, green clubs, red hearts, lilac spades.



Here are the symbols animations of the highest category. All symbols have animated letters, bouncing one by one in turn. SCATTER is a stone of power with a central orange insert with an electric discharge, JACKPOT is a dragon symbol, shimmers in gold, the green background flickers white, and WILD is a Bima-X symbol in the form of a flying firebird shimmers in gold, the background flickers.



Here are the warriors of the slot. Each hero seems to appear out of nowhere, and each has a laser pistol in his hand. Blue, red and green have weapons in their hands, a lilac warrior has a laser pistol in the color of his clothes, he holds it in his hand. All of the Warriors’ wapons emit electrical shocks.



The category of low symbols is animated in such a way that all the suits during the animation are presented in a black finish around the perimeter, which shimmers in motion.



Pop-up Mega Jackpot. In the center of the screen is an element, that has a shape similar to a large lilac bird with a metallic gold-like decor around. In the center there is an inscription Mega Jackpot in yellow-salad letters.



Pop-up Mini Jackpot. In the center of the screen is an element, that has a shape similar to a blue bird with a metallic gold-like decor around. In the center there is an inscription Mini Jackpot in blue-salad letters.



Pop-up Ultimate Jackpot. On the background of the element in the form of a lettuce bird with a metallic gold-like decor, there is the Ultimate Jackpot inscription in the center in red-lettuce letters.



Pop-up Ultra Jackpot. In the center there is an element of a lilac bird with a metallic gold-like decor; there is an inscription Ultra Jackpot with orange-salad letters.



On the left of the screen, there are jackpot symbols, which are indicated by the player’s winning options in case of 5 in a single line – Ultimate, 4 – Ultra, 3 – Mega, 2 – Mini. And on the right is a jackpot symbol.



This paytable screen contains symbols of the category High: WILD – which replaces any other symbol except BONUS and SCATTER. SCATTER symbol – three or more symbols in any part of the reel activates a free spins game. A complex combination of dropped symbols on the reel with the presence of Bima-X symbols is next to the screen. And next to it is a note that if in the process of free spins Bima-X symbols come across, then only they add up.



Paytable. Here are the Bima-X symbol, middle and low category symbols. Under each is indicated the quantitative value of the symbols and the amount for each.



Rules of the game. On the screen, on a red background, in large red letters at the top it is indicated – the Rules of the Game.
– All symbols are paid from left to right when they appear on the reels sequentially, on the active payline, starting from the leftmost reel.
– All winnings are multiplied by the line bet.
– Only the highest winnings on each payline are paid.



In a rectangular red window with metal elements of steel and gold on the sides there is a congratulatory inscription in large gold letters – Congratulations, which says that you have entered the bonus game. At the bottom is the square blue button OK.



Congratulatory inscription saying that you have won a certain amount of money from the bonus game.



A congratulatory inscription is presented in big bright letters, which says that you have entered the free spins game.



This congratulatory inscription says that you have won a certain amount of money from the free spins game.