Slot machine for SALE – “Era of Gods”

Slot machine for SALE – “Era of Gods”



Egyptian Themed online slot game

The age of the gods is stunning and supernatural, filled with the abundance of heroes and the exalting divine dynasty of heavenly kings, their servants of demigods, monsters and supermen. The deity cult originated from prehistoric antiquity in the form of toteism and the existence of ancient Egypt for thousands of years, disappearing with the disappearance of ancient Egyptian religion. Having undergone significant changes in the humanization of the old totemic and fetishist concepts over time, they remained the defining cult for the overwhelming masses of Egyptians, giving rise to the native religious separatism. The life and death of a man depends on the God who is venerated in the city. The wicked man who goes abroad gives himself into the hands of the enemy! So there was a division of religious clans among people. At the same time, among the gods there were eternal wars and struggles for the throne. Seth, as the eternally wronged eldest son of the sun god, has systematically broken the rules and laws of the universe. Ra, as a wise ruler and chief god of all things, watched the picture of what was happening, and every sunset sent the universal generation of evil back into darkness. Children and grandchildren shared divine rule among themselves, creating chronic disorder in the earthly world. Hence the wars, cataclysms and natural anomalies in the human world until peace in the divine pantheon. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reel of the slot is clear colorful and true gold. Expensive cut, magnificent sculpture, high ancient constructions and statues fill the entire screen of the machine. The grid of separated symbols is decorated with precious stones. Bewitching inscription «Era of Gods» rises above the pyramids, in emerald performance. The powerful statues of Seth and Osiris border and decorate the reel with the extended symbols of the divine family. The snake scale collects successful combinations and is filled with the acid color of the poison, calling for the discovery of divine treasures in each line. More than five hundred high lines are accompanied by a clan of gods. Rows of symbols are collected and polished by slaves, collected and laid three in each. The combination of expensive symbols with simple remind that the world of gods and people are connected on Earth in physical incarnation. The control panel is filled with the power of the sun. «Per line» and «Win» announce their important figures with the calculation of «sands of time». In the center of the panel there is a ruby start key, surrounded by additional buttons «Help» and «Auto play».



There are three versions of the background in this slot. With the coming of the day the great Ra commands the wilderness, he illuminates everything with a heavenly fireball, giving life to all things. The tops of the pyramids touch the vault of heaven, closing the worlds. The Nile is circling all of Egypt, feeding and saturating priceless green treasures. And the sands begin to turn green, and the grass covers the deserted sea. The palm trees spread out and create shadows in the heat. Like a magical oasis of greenery disappears at sunset. Everything around is illuminated by the red overflowing sunset. Ra leaves taking away the sun and night comes. The sky is littered with thousands of stars, the moon touches the top of the pyramids and cools the heated rocks. Space gets cold, sands fall asleep, time stops until the morning.





Set of symbols. Ra is the sun god, the supreme deity. The sinister presence of Ra emanates from his conception as the creator of the universe or the giver of life. He personified heat, life growth. Ruler over the Earth, the sky and the underworld. Isis is the goddess of fertility, motherhood, magic, death, healing, rebirth. The wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, who was venerated among mortals, was worshipped in times of drought, great sorrow, and when the girls could not have children. Osiris is the God of rebirth, the king of the afterlife and the judge of the souls of the dead. As the god of agriculture, resurrection, and vegetation, he was given offerings, and prepared for the end of earthly life, that it was possible to pass through the gates of hell and enter the world of pure souls. Mountain – God of heaven and sun in the form of a falcon, man with the head of a bird or a winged sun, son of Osiris and Isis. Honored as a predatory god of hunting. Patron of the royal house, royal dynasty and pharaoh. Seth – God of fury, sandstorms, destruction, chaos, war and death. Patron of the tsarist authority. The older brother of Osiris. Father Ra deprived Seth of the possibility of having children, so in his heart he always harbored resentment and thirst for revenge towards his brother. The sarcophagus of the pharaoh is a kind of traditional coffin used for burial of nobles and usually left on the surface of the ground in specially designated premises – tombs.




Medium symbols possess the power of prize skills. Scarab beetle «wild» in a golden setting carries a sun ball above itself, illuminating the way lost souls. A powerful talisman holds the hidden power of fire, bestows its presence, replacing any other symbols or signs. The eye of Anubis is the guide between the world of the living and the afterlife. It helps to cross the river of inconsolability and reach the main gate of God’s judgment. His bloody eyes flicker in the night and terrorize the living. Pyramid the all-seeing eye «wild» or radiant delta. The inscribed eye of Mountain illuminates the path and helps the player as an additional bonus symbol. The precious «free spins» tray opens up opportunities and prospects for free spins. Expensive stones adorn the divine nobility in the center of the tray. The third savage cobra «wild» is a powerful, poisonous symbol. Serpent scale dense and impenetrable to the enemy, helps to master all expensive symbols in the leader column.



Simple Low characters in the form of Latin letters and numbers, represent the last category of characters. The three-dimensional huge signs are decorated with golden wings and animal images. Perfectly harmonised with other divine symbols.



In the payment window, a golden greeting is drawn, in which the Pharaoh’s gold treasure is extracted in free twists. The Divine Osiris sends his blessing and additional free spins. The Great Ra, powerfully enriches his player and promises great profits. The Mountain is throwing its eye around and illuminates the way with free combinations turning into a cash prize. And Seth looks at his brother enviously and predicts his battle for the main free spin.






The “Buy Feature” window tells you its ancient history of free spins and gives you a chance to try your luck by changing your bet at your own discretion and gaining the desired power of God. Each win changes its purpose depending on the divine touch, Big win and Epic win are filled with the power of Mountain and Osiris, Mega win, Super win with the blessing of Ra.





The scroll of infinity of the Age of the Gods, is identified with the world of upliftment and transition into a new form, the transformation of the soul and the acquisition of new terrestrial experience. The animation of each god and symbol is filled with sacrality and unknown power. How much lies behind the veil of antiquity, the connection between the gods and the world of men. As you open the sarcophagus, remember that the powers of the sky are always there, in every labyrinth, in every precious talisman hidden the era of immortality!