Fire & Ice Wolf





Plunge into a fantasy and uncharted world, where two confrontations work paw in paw. Born a Sun Wolf, the fiery rebel retains loyalty and devotion to his pack. He seeks to conquer the summits, rush to meet an unconditional gust of wind, hunt and burn his enemies. Find your true path and move with determination towards your goal. The absolute opposite of flaming wolf nature is the firm and cold spirit of the frosty wolf. It was born on the night of the full moon when the constellation Andromeda entered the cycle of the ice Eye of the fallen star. The purpose of the icy soul was written by fate itself. The worlds of these two elements came together in a wild struggle. The wolf’s fire is drowning and melting the ice, but at the same time it creates new frost sculptures. The earth shook, there was a powerful explosion, and at that very moment the warmth and the cold became a single, fundamental and unshakeable birth of the new spirit of the wolf-like warrior. The power of fire will become a shield, taking in a ring of enemies. The power of ice will be that sword, piercing everyone in his way. The vibrant and impressive «Fire & Ice Wolf» slot machine, it sparks the spirit of the leader to play and win while cooling the heat, stopping and calmly thinking, choosing the right decision. Each bet with a powerful wolf message. Spin wild and combine the best. Collect spins and knock out bonus rounds. Wolves don’t wait, they’re ready to hunt and win.

Toothy rogues come and open the game reel. All symbols are collected in the center against the background of two predatory natures. The deadly breath of the cold stops and forms the perfect rows of all symbols. The pride and prejudice of the beast in the fireball creates clear lines between the frosty groups, giving the fire of life to each linear combination. The extended symbols are not inferior. The top is conquered by the strong. The wolf’s mouth spews out the lava flow and creates a new, unstoppable one. The wolf spirit control panel, created on a rock cliff. «Community Bonus» opens an additional level after the best combinations. The start key «Spin» in the freezing ball, starts the spin of the reel. The windows of balance and win, perfectly harmonise and complement each other. All keys are collected in the stones of fate. Help,  cashout and total bet in the frosty stream. We bet and wait for the result.



From the void comes the birth of the symbols of elements. High symbols open a kaleidoscope of wildlife. A grand bonus symbol, built from water and fire. Thanks to this symbol, a bonus level is opened, in which wolves give away all natural prizes. A block of ice is surrounded by fire, so you can see the wildness of this symbol. This sign of fate can replace any symbol in the game, except the elite. And the last important and worthy «Fire & Ice Wolf» symbol comes slowly but surely, giving the chance to appear a new spin in the game.
The paw of fire, hides in itself the unknown, this seal is able to balance any move. Burning trace leaves the right to choose, control fate. The seal of cold appears instead. A frozen fragment increases the flow of wind and destroys the boundaries of the universe. The limit is only in the head, let go of the thought and the best outcome awaits the insatiable. The map of the fiery beast burns and shimmers. The wolf howls and cries, he is a strong and fearless king of order. His brother, a favorite cold on the map of the starry sky. The moon bows to him, the stars accelerate and fall behind the sky. Luck goes.
Two categories of Low symbols complete the circle. Burnt letters are brightly highlighted against the background of darkness. Cold-pressed letters act in order. Each fire sign is followed by a frosty, adding chances of winning the game.



The animation of the symbols and signs of the wolves has already come. The animals are rallying loudly and incessantly, calling out the cold to join the warm gust of wind. The symbol of infinity burns bright colors, the breath of wolves. Flaming and glacial eyes make each symbol move, in a certain direction. A wild ice block, with golden spray, comes alive and breathes fire. Harmonious «fire & ice» already in the stream of elements, awakens a new symbol of the slot. The bonus enchants and draws, groups of hot letters and burnt letters increase in size and fall apart. Fragments of simple symbols of animals, give the opportunity to see the predators in all their glory. Fire burns, ice melts before the eyes. The wolf seal leaves its solitary mark of the beast. The stone foot is symbolic and acts according to the laws of nature.


The expanded symbols comes alive. The picture is bright and spectacular. The sun gives off wolf heat, making action without looking back. The fire of life lives in each of us, just as the spirit of the wild beast does not submit to everyone. A calm, cool moon predator sometimes wakes up and suppresses the rebel. But when you have mastered every being, you can discover in yourself a new wolf, one and invincible. Animal power is not inferior to contemplation. Act now, play our wolf slot and take your prizes. Good luck to every treasure hunter.