Slot machine for SALE – “Shields of Fortune”

Slot machine for SALE – “Shields of Fortune”




Chinese Themed online slot game

In Chinese philosophy there are five basic elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. They form a circle of creation in this sequence: Water symbolizes the origin of life itself, it nourishes the tree, gives it the strength and freedom to grow. Wood by its energy potentially gives life to fire, bright, active, burning and dynamic. The fire, burning, leaves behind a handful of ashes, creating a calm and reliable earth. The earth in its bowels forms Metal, purposeful, resolute and secretive. In its purest incarnation (mercury), it becomes fluid and flexible, giving birth to the element of water. There is also a cycle of destruction: Water is able to extinguish fire, fire deforms and melts metal, metal in turn cuts and destroys wood, wood depletes the earth’s soil, and the earth often absorbs and binds water. There is a third cycle – mitigation. It is used to correct the mutual influence of the elements on each other, which have come into contact in the cycle of destruction. To do this, you need to add an element between them in the cycle of creation.. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reels is rich, magical and voluminous. The framing of the machine by the element of metal, the rigid steel case creates a sufficient number of sacral lines with an abundance of fart combinations at each rotation of the reels. All the symbols are very collected and filled with energy are arranged in five distinct rows of four force shields each. Above the reels stands the inscription «Shields of Fortune» with gold plating on each letter. The control panel is clear and easy to use. The spin key is like an eye of the magical light of a cooled star, in red and black color. The balance window describes the amount thrown into the machine, «Message box» includes the game settings, which can always be adjusted at your discretion. The «Win» window reminds us how much we have thanks to happy spins with winning options.  In the «Bet» window we can change the amount from the minimum to the maximum bet, or simply by the key «Max bet», immediately put the largest amount of bet. shields-of-fortune_reels

Background resembles a vast and deep cosmos with abundant stellar communities. A starry planetary nebula slices the cosmos in half, creating poles for the human eye. These two worlds of stardom resemble a harmonious beginning, where the universe begins and continues, flowing from one world to another. The diversity of galaxies that are close and far apart reminds us of something larger than mind and matter, something that lies in the vastness of cosmic uncertainty. A huge vast expanse of space stretches and makes you wonder who we really are and what is everyone’s mission on planet Earth.


The high symbols are framed by gold frames in one solid design. Mascot «Wild» – a star round shield, shimmering emerald star, with elements of the earthly element, give prosperity and good luck to its owner. The Golden «Shield of Authority» is a molten liquid star in the fiery element, the driving force of the sign, projects elements of fortune directed at the owner. Fire cleanses and inhales new, gives the player a boost of vigor and positivity.

The middle symbols are in a variety of characters. The drawing is very clear and detailed. Shield «skull of the capricorn» – as a true amulet kindles element of fire and melts iron. The animal’s look is powerful and overwhelming, but at the same time creative and successful for new rotations. «The Eye of the Star» – the shield materializes deep knowledge by virtue of holding, elements of blue stones saturate the symbol with an abundance of air element. «Maple Luck» is a maple leaf as a tree beginning ceases to be the driving force in the promotion of victory lines.

The low symbols  are crafted in a strict style. The mascot «Silver Cross» – the image of the cross on a wooden shield in cold tones, recalls the fusion of earthly and metallic, creating a balance of bodily force and force of mind. The symbol of the «tree principle» – as an earthly element, penetrates into the bowels of the earth’s crust, descending to the most vivid beginning, the seed of life – the core of the Earth. The shield of the wind» – fills all space with the air element, protecting the body and uplifting spiritual. The power of the wind purifies the mind, the thoughts and the new ideas. «The water rune» is a talisman of the elements of water, gives softness, smoothness, fluidity Calm of thought, to feel physical and material.


The grid of symbols is charged with magic. As a creative beginning inspires belief in the best outcome of the game, the power over winning spins, increasing the chance of the highest prize.


Animation of the money waterfall, forms a golden stream. Coins spin and disintegrate, their infinite number gives the player a powerful potential of luck. The great reward that can be held in our symbolic shields of the five elements falls on the wearer winning lines, diverse luck combinations and simply real cash prizes. Let the water guide you, and the earth make you stronger and stronger, the wind blows and inhales the right thoughts, the fire warms the heart and pleases the eye and metal, inspires steadfastness in its victory. Good luck to you winner!


After a successful spin with a winnings, the screen displays various prize categories with your winning amounts, such as: «Great win», perhaps «Fantastic win» as a bright and rich prize, «Massive win» powerful and chic, and «Epic Win» graceful and unstoppable.