Slot machine for SALE – “Eiffel Tower”

Slot machine for SALE – “Eiffel Tower”



French Themed online slot machine

We present to your attention the main interface of the slot machine “Eiffel Tower”. This slot machine is completely saturated with a scent of expensive perfume and fragrant French buns. The game reels are a field of 5×3 cells, where all the game symbols involved in the game are conveniently located. Below is an informative panel with windows where the player can see the amount of the bet, the type of currency, the amount of energy, and also total winnings. To control the slot machine, you can use any individual panel, which is universal. This slot machine you can purchase at our store –

Reel of the slot "Eiffel Tower"


This background image is the main and is used in the main game screen, where the entire game process occurs. In addition, this background image can be used as a pop-up screen and transition between the pop-up window and the main game mode. The game interface is located in the central part of the background image and doesn’t overlap its remaining parts.



Here you can see a set of game symbols specially designed for the slot machine “Eiffel Tower”. In this set there are symbols from different categories, including “low”, “middle” and “high” categories. Thus, the number of winning points may differ, as a result of simultaneous getting the symbols of one or another category.









Here is a screen for the bonus game, where the stage perform dancers. Your task is to collect the maximum number of points by clicking on the dancers. You have only 3 attempts to complete the round and, if you win, you move to the next round.

Animated symbols of France at the slot "Eiffel Tower"


And on this screen you get a new level and continue the bonus game. The number of your level is displayed in the upper right part, and the dancers are changing. You have only 3 attempts to complete the round and, if you win, you move to the next round.















eiffel_bateau-mouche eiffel_x3 eiffel_x2eiffel_max-win-and-next-stage