Slot machine for SALE – “Jungle Races”

Slot machine for SALE – “Jungle Races”




Jungle Themed online slot game

We offer you to feel all the charm of the game in the world of wildlife and animals with the slot “Jungle Races”, which is made especially bright, interesting, lively and cartoonish, bringing us as close as possible to natural reality and colorful animals. The loading start screen of the “Jungle Races” slot with explanations of the main features of the game. In the center, on the background of greenery, there are bright big golden beautiful letters of the name of the slot “Jungle Races”. In the middle there are two high symbols with descriptions below them. Free Spins Symbol – Get three symbols and start a free spin round. Bonus symbol – find three bonus symbols and start the bonus game. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reel of the Jungle Races slot is presented on a beautiful green leafy background in the style of our Jungle Races slot. In the middle there is a rectangular reel made of bamboo, wicker vines and leaves with colorful Kakadu parrots in the upper corners, and a control panel at the bottom. A beautiful large gold Jungle Races lettering is placed at the top of the reels. The reel itself is divided into five vertical columns with three game symbols in each: from the highest to the lowest category. The control panel has several rectangular and square cells: balance, winnings, bets, as well as additional navigation buttons. There is also a high-gloss red SPIN button on the bottom right in a thin gold frame.



Daytime version of the jungle background. It is a dense jungle full of vegetation. Trees, vines, large white stones in the foreground and grass in the background. At the bottom of the picture is a stream with clear water, where you can see a lot of stones. This is a very creative design for the background of the slot machine, which allows you to immerse yourself in the realities of the wild as much as possible.



A night version of the Jungle background. All the same dense jungle, but in a pleasant blue color scheme with beautiful light blue backlighting of the foreground and background. The shining of the moon and the brook, as well as the stars, perfectly reflect the beauty of the night jungle “Jungle Races”, and the fireflies in the foreground and a few in the background perfectly complement the shining of the stars and make the picture especially mysterious, lulling, fantastically beautiful.



Three symbols of the highest category are presented in one row, and each has specific background, as well as curved frame, beautifully designed from wood and bamboo, complemented by palm leaves. In the center of each there is a main item and an inscription. The first is a juicy pineapple, cut in half, in a yellow-brown palette, with scattering pineapple pieces. It is complemented by an inscription with large blue letters – FREE SPINS. The second one is big tasty bananas of bright yellow color on the background of green leaves and with a red inscription at the bottom – BONUS. The third is Leo. He is the king of beasts, in brown color with an inscription in juicy salad letters WILD. All letters of the inscriptions are volumetric with a glossy sheen.



Next – the animation of the symbols of the High category. The three symbols presented in front of us are rhythmically increasing in size, both the frame and the inscriptions, and their individual main drawing. FREE SPINS – pineapple is divided in half and pineapple pieces fly from it in all directions, the inscription FREE SPINS increases in size. The symbol of the highest category BONUS – bananas also grow in size and move. The WILD symbol and its main element Leo are also not static, he moves his head, tail, blinks his eyes, a mane flutters on him. The animation is lively, bright, interesting and mega juicy, maximally tailored to reality.

The next four symbols are Regular symbols. They are placed in two rows of two symbols. Each symbol is presented in a frame of bamboo, leaves, vines and stones. All of them are without inscriptions and each of them has its own basic element: a hippopotamus, a gorilla, a girl and a toucan. All elements are bright, juicy, colorful, somewhat outside the box, made in the style of our given slot and the main color scheme. Each symbol is illuminated by daylight, which draws even more attention to them and makes the images spectacular and no less attractive.



Animation of regular symbols. All four elements increase in size during animation, both the frame and the characters of each of them. Each animation is special in its own way. The hippopotamus attracts attention by swinging its limbs and playfully opening its mouth. The gorilla waves his head in motion, slapping his lower lip, moving his eyes in different directions. The girl, like a monkey, hangs on the lianas, her hair and dress shining like bronze are waving, she happily moves her legs with carefree joy on her face. The last symbol is the toucan. It has a somewhat static body, moves his eyes, its beak is with a reflection of light on it.


The next five characters are Low category. They are alphanumeric: A, K, Q, J, 10. They attract attention with non-standard volumetric shapes. Each of them is made in bright colors with a slight glow of daytime shimmer.



Animation of Low category symbols – they rhythmically increase in size, and as they move, each symbol is highlighted with a beautiful golden shimmer from bottom to top.


Here is the start of the animal race – a bonus game. The player places a bet on an animal and the race begins. The animals will run along the sand embankment, which is visually divided into five horizontal stripes for each run. The start boundary is outlined with white straight and dash-dotted lines, on the sides there are two bamboo sticks with a red flag. In the foreground and background there is an abundance of greenery, foliage and bushes. Here we see zebra, gorilla, hippo, crocodile and lemur.



Before us is the first PAYTABLE on the background of the main field. The inscription PAYTABLE is made in large yellow letters and placed at the top. A rectangular field decorated with lianas and bamboo, various leaves. In the upper right corner there is a red cross, at the bottom there is a navigation arrow in the form of “left” and “right” leaves, and in the middle there is a wooden plate with page numbers. Here is a description of payments for the use of symbols of the highest category. All of them are made on a background of wooden rectangular planks. Bonus – three or more bonus symbols on any active payline will activate the bonus game. Free Spins – at least three Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger a free spin game. Wild – wild replaces any other symbol on the reels, except for Scatter and Bonus.



The second PAYTABLE is also made in a rectangular frame, as in the variant above, with a cross at the top right and navigation of arrows and numbers at the bottom. There are four main symbols on wooden planks, next to which – the number of dropped symbols determines the payout amount.



The design is identical to the previous ones. Here are five rectangular wooden planks with letters on them. Near each of them are numerical values with the amount of payments for each.



On this screen we can see a rectangular wooden wall made of lined boards, decorated with vines and leaves around the perimeter. Below is a decor of white stones. In the middle, in big red-orange letters – Big Win title and below it the sum of the winnings in the sky color.



Here is a wall on the darkened background of the Jungle Races slot reel. It is also made of wooden planks, decorated with vines, leaves and various vegetation. Below there is a decor of stones and green bushes on the sides. In the middle there is an inscription Mega Win in large gold letters in two rows with a beautiful golden shimmer around, and below is the amount of the win.



Super Win pop-up. Design, as in the previous version, on the darkened background of our game field. In the middle, in two rows in large letters, there is a beautiful blue Super Win inscription, and below is the winning amount in gold.



Pop-up animation. The wooden wall rhythmically grows in size, while in each pop-up the letters and the numerical value increase in size with the addition of flickering and overflows, made in their own way.


Below are four greeting screens. All of them are placed on the background of a wooden wall made of boards, with slightly rounded sides, emphasized on the sides by palm trees with an abundance of leaves and bushes. In the middle at the bottom there is a large OK button, which is presented in the form of a pineapple. Above we see a congratulatory inscription in blue – CONGRATULATIONS. And below, in two rows, there is an explanation – You’re entering (in green), and – The free spins game (in bright yellow letters).



The second congratulatory pop-up with the winning is also made on a wooden wall with rounded sides, as in the previous version. At the bottom there is a pineapple-shaped OK button. In the middle there is a congratulatory inscription in blue in beautiful letters – CONGRATULATIONS. Below in green letters – YOU WON and the winning amount. And even lower – from the game FREE SPINS in yellow.



The third congratulatory inscription is about starting the bonus game. In blue letters in the middle at the top – CONGRATULATIONS. Below in green letters – You’re entering, and even below in yellow letters – THE BONUS GAME.



The last congratulatory screen is about winning from the bonus game. At the bottom there is a pineapple-shaped OK button. On a wooden wall with palm trees on the sides, our familiar congratulatory inscription – CONGRATULATIONS. Below in green letters – YOU WIN and the winning amount, and even below – in yellow letters – FROM THE BONUS GAME.