Mexican Fiesta



We invite you immerse with us into the charming atmosphere of celebration in our new slot machine “Mexican Fiesta”, that stands out among all slots casino.

As soon as the sun begins to touch with the numerous roofs, locals are starting to gradually arrange preparations to the most fun event. Many of them are prepared in advance the stylish costumes, most of which were made by their own hands to accent individual taste and stand out from the crowd. Most of the tourists from all corners of the Earth comes to these colorful celebrations to their own eyes to see the full extent of national marches and carnival attire, and then tell about their feelings to friends and acquaintances.


By evening, the people in the squares and streets become so numerous, that in most cases need with great difficulty to wade through the crowd of people. However, this is even more amuses and inflames festive mood by asking positive rhythm to all, who want to join the huge crowd. Hot mariachi captivates you by groovy tunes of their guitars, and the bartender in a tavern is already pouring tequila with a soft shake of maracas. Kids are trying to break the pinata and the starry sky fills with shots of fireworks, with a cheerful and joyous laughter. We have tried to take the best from these events and to implement this in our slots social casino, so you can join to one more culture and feel like one of native Mexicans. Estamos esperando por usted!




Here you can see an interface with the symbols for the game slot machine.


Here you can see animations of  symbols for the slot machine.

Wild – Sugar skull

Bonus – Girl

Scatter – Guitar player

Special symbol – Bandit


Mexican Fiesta backgrounds

Here you can see the preliminary, sketched version, as well as two final versions of background images for the game slot machine.


Sketch of the second background image for the slot machine.

Additional version of the background image for the slot machine.


Development the preliminary sketches of gaming symbols for the slot machine.


Game symbols
Graphic design of the final versions of the game symbols.
Here we have collected for you all the game symbols, so you can view them even more, and appreciate their quality. Enjoy!


Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.

Special symbol – Сigar

Special symbol – Tequila

Special symbol – Сactus

Special symbol – Red pepper


Here you can see an interface with the symbols for the game slot machine, which are placed on day version of the background.


Here you can see animations of Low symbols for the slot machine.

Low symbol – Lama

Low symbol – Corn

Low symbol – Taco

Low symbol – Pignata


  1. Jose says:

    very bright and picturesque characters. Great job

    • Slotopaint says:

      Thanks, Jose. Our designers are always trying to make it look that way.)))