Slot machine for SALE – “King of Wild”

Slot machine for SALE – “King of Wild”



Wildlife Themed online slot game

The “King of Wild” slot is dedicated to everyone who dreams of feeling the heat of the desert, seeing endless expanses and testing themselves on a safari. Why not start by trying your luck with the game? Who knows, maybe the king of beasts will help players make their dreams come true right from the smartphone screen? The bright red jeep is ready to take travelers anywhere in Africa! Exotic images are calling to start a virtual expedition to the world of adventure as soon as possible. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels are decorated in warm colors. The screen seems to radiate the heat of the desert. Wood and stone textures remind players that they are completely at the mercy of the wild. A row of small stones serves as a kind of frame for the design of the reels. Contrasting lettering stands out well against a light background. In the lower left corner, there is a place for the player’s avatar. The green line graphically shows the players progress. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is depicted as a fragment of a rock:



The game background takes us to the hot savannah. At first glance, it seems that you can see the movement of heated air. The mountain that rises in the background looks like a salvation from the heat. The giraffes took refuge in the shade of the baobab. While the cub impatiently tramples from place to place, an adult giraffe picks fresh leaves from tall branches. But elephants are confidently approaching a group of trees. These giants seem clumsy, but in fact, elephants are able to make long transitions. And finally, the central character is a lion! He hid in the tall grass. The lion’s attack is lightning fast. Let no one be fooled by the relaxed pose of the king. He is ready to make another victory at any moment.


Jackpot, Scatter and Wild symbols represent the attributes of travelers who went on a safari. The jackpot symbol is binoculars. It happens that some animals in African national parks can only be seen from a great distance. For such cases, binoculars are simply irreplaceable! Scatter symbol – the famous cork helmet. This is perhaps the most common tourist headdress in Africa. It is difficult to find other camping equipment that is just as well associated with traveling in countries with hot climates. It is not by chance that it is also called the “safari helmet”. Natural cork provides protection from the scorching sun and prevents heatstroke. Holes with eyelets provide ventilation. Even the original leather strap with adjustment can be seen in the image. And the Wild symbol is a red jeep. It is this car that will help travelers to make an exciting trip to the world of wild nature, and will help the players to win. Jeep symbolizes the ability to overcome any obstacle. All symbols are decorated in a square wood frame and additionally decorated with leaves.



High symbols – majestic African animals. Elephant, giraffe and lion are depicted in full growth. In this case, they occupy the entire vertical line on the reels. The choice of animals for these symbols is not random. The elephant and the lion are representatives of the so-called “big five” – the most honorable trophies of African safaris. Hunting them is a dangerous and expensive pleasure. The “big five” also includes rhino, buffalo and leopard. The rhino is also present on the slot symbols, we will meet it a little later.

But the giraffe is one of the most unusual animals in Africa. Despite their unnaturally long neck, giraffes look very graceful. They move surprisingly smoothly and their unusual proportions seem to get in the way. The giraffe is rarely seen even in the zoo. Meeting him in his natural habitat is a real success!



The same animals are shown on the standard size symbols. For convenience, they have a square frame.



The next row of symbols is also savannah animals, rhino and zebra. The rhino, although a herbivore, is very dangerous. It speed can be up to 40 km per hour! The rhino is not afraid of anyone in the savannah and allows any potential enemy as close as possible. But zebras provide their safety with speed and strong hooves. Not every predator dares to attack a group of zebras! Unlike horses, a zebra is impossible to tame. The Roman historian Cassius Dion called zebras “the horses of the sun, resembling a tiger.” The spectacular color of zebras always delights tourists and leaves a lasting impression after meeting them.



Low symbols are classic symbols of cards. All letters are made in the same bright exotic colors and support the theme of the slot.



On the greeting screens, an inscription with information about the win appears on the background of the game reel. The color and size of the text changes depending on the win amount.



When Jackpot wins, the reel is darkened, and the screen is additionally filled with gold sparkles. This allows you to emphasize the joy of winning.





The greeting screens for bonus games resemble the Jackpot screen. Sparkles are also crumbled against the background, and the reels are darkened. Information about the bonus game is placed on a wooden board plate.




Pay tables are similar in design to the game reels. The screen is also decorated against a light wood background, the frame is made of darker wood. The Paytable inscription is made in blue and is additionally highlighted.