Slot machine for SALE – “Indian Legacy”

Slot machine for SALE – “Indian Legacy”



Indian Themed online slot game

Wigwams, drums, tomahawks, cannoes – these symbols are inextricably linked with the Indians. In general, with regard to the design part, everything was done impeccably. Graphics and drawing characters and reels are at high level, and even more than that. The five-reel slot has 50 lines for forming combinations. The slot machine is remarkably decorated, the game icons are made in the original style, the main ones are round in shape and look like “dream catchers” with different symbols. Thanks to the image of people, animals, basic attributes – the user gets impressions about the diversity of the culture of the ancient people. The start key located on the control panel, below the playing field, activates the rotation of the reels. The player determines the bet amount by pressing the “Bet” key, the “Max Bet” button sets the maximum possible bet. The “Balance” section displays the current player’s bank. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The nature in the slot can be called a full-fledged character, and not just a background on which all events take place. Also we’ve worked hard with heroes. The long-haired, graceful beauty, who is gathering water at the waterfall, will remain in your memory forever, even if you only see it briefly. Blue-clouded mountains, among, carelessly, floating clouds; freedom-loving horses grazing nearby. All the details prove that reuniting with nature will not only help you perk up, but also leave an unforgettable experience. They will introduce you to the daily life of this mysterious people and will allow you to better understand the features of their everyday realities and mentality. All natural phenomena are endowed with invisible magical power, which serves as a designation not only of spirit or deity, but of the whole world as a whole, as well as any supernatural ability.



Even at night, the spirits of nature whisper to us about the future. The proud inhabitants of the prairies, free Indians, hear this call and increasingly feel gusts of an icy wind from the north. Everything is depicted in calm colors. The nature is shown remarkably, all its shades, colors, charms and unexplored secrets. It is interesting constructed both in trifles and in the base itself. Impeccable graphics, interesting, not logically burdened, very exciting plot, insightful meaning. If we are talking about the background, then in front of us is presented, indeed, a whole harmonious world full of real, not “fake-sweet” happiness. We faced a qualitatively created “paradise on earth” with a free wind, unlimited freedom, full of joy and mystery.



Many Native American cultures are characterized by the idea of the existence of a certain sacred force, diffused in the world, which gives objects a form and determines the essence of an object or creature. This force can have different manifestations, which are displayed in the symbols of the slot. These are all kinds of objects: canoe, amulet, clay pot, tom tomahawks. Each Indian had the name of an animal that carried its own sacred meaning. Which animal will land to you, making a profit? The bison is a symbol of Strength, Request and Abundance. Gives the wearer internal strength and endurance in any situation. The wolf is good and evil together. A war Indian horse is a living symbol of freedom. In the role of leader you have to make every effort to prepare for the great test. The stern look of the daughter of the leader of the Indian reservation can also attract good luck. Eagle soaring in the sunset – testifies to the authority of the one who uses this symbol, so he carries the Scatter symbol on his powerful wings. The Dream Catcher is the most popular attribute of Native American flavor, which serves as a protective amulet and a powerful amulet, and as a winning decoration it will fulfill the role of Wild.



The payout table, drawn on parchment, consisting of three scrolls, will help the player navigate the reservation of the game. The first will indicate the power of sacred landmarks. The symbol “dreamcatcher” – objectionable symbols fall into the web, and prayer beads will burn them. Good values will pass through the central hole, and their winning values will settle on the reels. Eagle soaring at sunset, proud and powerful – Scatter. The symbol reflects grandeur and confidence endowed with attributes of power. Framing in a square shape emphasize the high position of the symbol. On his wings, he will bring additional Free Spins.



Increase the amount, build lines, summon spirits, fight against enemies. May the strength of your ancestors come with you. The game is thoroughly saturated with an Indian theme. Each symbol has its own winning totem.



Stylish design reinforces the spectacular bonus accompaniment; various “dream catchers” used in the game are pleasing to the eye and set to positive. It should be noted the presence of competently selected diverse, colorfully designed obstacles that manifest themselves in the formation of the prize combination. Behind some of them not only “sweet” dreams are hidden, but also positive emotions.



It would be possible to look at this world without the dynamics of events – it is so good. In many ways, as it seems, it was supplemented by bonus support. Here the game is the most important echelon in the struggle for quality.



And yet, when you look at the screen indicating the amount of profit from free spins, under the moon-faced look of the charming princess of the tribe, you see, there is more to it than just a spark.



Rotating tomahawks, animation – something indescribable, but understandable to everyone. Something spiritual and dangerous. Maybe that’s why it’s worth at least paying attention to this slot? It has many indisputable qualities that enviably set him apart from the general background.



The sign of the leader of the Indians was a headdress of eagle feathers, symbolizing the sun’s rays and “surrounding the head with a magical aura”. The noble leader, surrounded by clever and bold eagles, with all his honor, pride and dignity, will bring and give your fair victory!



Two eagles, under the steadfast gaze of the almighty leader, carrying the prize to the player will help fly into the sky above all others … From a height of heaven the player can see everything that happens below, on the ground, and nothing is hidden from his keen eye.



In the “Indian legacy” slot, not only graphics play a role, but also color and animation, which indicate different phenomena. Red Tomahawks – blood and energy. According to legend, they brought good luck and success in battle. White – meant sorrow or peace. The intellectual elite of the tribe painted blue or green themselves: wise and enlightened, as well as people who can communicate with spirits and gods. The green color also carried data on the presence of harmony.


HAO! May the spirits of nature come with you!