Everyone can feel like a real magician. What emotions do the audience have in a magician’s performance? Delight, surprise, faith in a miracle. People feel like children when a miracle happens in their eyes. Let’s move these same feelings to the game. With the slot “Magician” it is easy to create an atmosphere of the best performances of illusionists. From the first frames of the background, players are moved to the world of magic. What are the first associations that arise when magicians are men-tioned? Cards, fluttering pigeons, rabbits from a hat – all this awaits in our slot.



The black/white sketch of the background is already anticipating miracles. Who comes out from behind the curtain first? A great magician or a charming assistant? Very soon all secrets will be revealed to the players!



After the sketch is approved, the designers fill the background with life. Every shade here is not random. The red curtain kindles the passion of the players, and the purple canvas behind the stage gives mystery to the image.



Both the day and night options of the background beckon to quickly start the game. Every spotlight ray, every sparkle promise victory and a speedy climb to the top. Touch this magic and you will become omnipotent.




High symbols – the embodiment of triumph. Exactly these symbols are the most desirable for the players. And their sketches, of course, are of a special nature.

The ticket office is about to open. This is a pass into the world of bright colors and excitement. Seems, the magician will only lead an eyebrow – and at his desire any miracle will be realized. The seductive assistant looks so piercingly. Perhaps she is right now choosing whom to give her rose to? And the rabbit from the hat of the magician is the embodiment of the best traditions of the magic show!



Bonus symbol. Ticket office can be compared with Klondike. It beckons players with lights and promises bright emotions. The sparkle of the lights attracts the eye. Rich out your hand, take a ticket – and you will be transfered to an unprecedented world. Here the curtain opens and the player finds himself in a new reality.

Watch the hands of the magician! Even if the player tries hard, it’s almost impossible to understand the secret of the illusionist. It seems that the cards obey even his gaze. It is not surprising that a meeting with such a master promises victory.



Charming blonde with a rose. How she excites the imagination of the players! What is this girl thinking about? Whom she will give a smile after the show? It is worth the risk, try your luck and, perhaps, this beauty will wink at the winner.

Wild symbol. The cylinder was just empty. A moment passes and a fluffy rabbit peeps out of it. Isn’t this a miracle! The real luck is to see such a picture.



Sketches of regular symbols keep the riddle. But as soon as they fill with color, movement and enter the game, the answer appears.



7 cards in a hand are revealed in a fan. What is hidden there? Much depends on the combination of cards! Here is the magic box. Seems, it is empty. But after a second the coveted prize is waiting inside.




Low symbols is the basis of the game. Laconic design and clear images. These symbols continue the theme of cards in the hands of the magician. They seem to wink at the player: “Try it! The luck will smile to you!”


Vivid colors and carefully crafted details allow you to travel to the world of the game and forget about the surrounding reality.