Halloween is coming! We have something interesting for you!!!

Halloween is coming! We have something interesting for you!!!

Game reels of the slot machine

One of the most “horrible” and exciting holidays of our time is approaching us. This is undoubtedly Halloween.

The history of the celebration dates back several centuries and originates from England, France and Ireland, when the Celts lived on their territories. According to their culture, they had a division of the year into two parts: summer and winter. And the border between them was October 31. This number was a harvest holiday, namely the end of its harvest.

According to the history, Halloween was celebrated on the night of October 1, people believed that at that time the border between the world of the dead and the living was disappearing. Therefore, the souls of the dead could safely enter the homes and attack people. To avoid this, people extinguished the lights in their homes, and they themselves put on animal skins and scary masks to scare away the ghosts. In addition, the street was necessarily put on a treat for the spirits, but the inhabitants of the cities themselves went to the bonfires, which were bred by local priestesses.

Also on the night of November 1, the Celts were obliged to sacrifice animals, divination, still took coals from the consecrated fire and carried into the house to fuse the hearth. Thus the Halloween story of the feast was passed from generation to generation of Celts for many centuries, until the time when their lands were conquered by the Roman Empire in the first century AD. Celts began to be attached to the Christian church, and therefore many pagan holidays and traditions were banned. But still people did not forget to honor the day of the dead.

The situation changed in the IX century, when on November 1, was the Day of All Saints, and therefore the tradition of celebrating Halloween returned. Thus, the Christian traditions as well as the pagan ones merged into one whole, which were very dear to the Celtic culture.

Our game designers made few casino slot machines for this thematic holiday. Here you are:

Specially by the day of All Saints’ Day, we prepared a special festive set of graphic materials and illustrations for the game slot machine “Halloween Night” and now you can replenish your personal collection with this kit. We strongly recommend that you store a set of sweets for young guests who will knock on your door, be polite and good-natured.


Slot machine “Halloween Night”



In this kit you will find a set of themed game symbols, each of which is unique and has its own animation, thematic background image, logo, game interface and much more. We’re looking forward to the festive events and hope that you will not be scared!


Slot machine “Freaks Fortune”



In this slot machine you will be visited by characters of All Saints’ Day and you can take part in a fun Sabbath. Some symbols look quite sinister and some vice versa – are very cute and funny. Also for you will be available the game interface with numerical indicators and buttons for an enjoyable game, as well as a thematic background image.


Slot machine “Vampire Hunters”




In our gaming slot machine “Vampire Hunters”,  you will play the role of a vampire hunter, and conduct its own, independent investigation of once happened the tragedy. Find out all the causes of the incident, and to find the culprit of an ancient curse and many innocent victims. You will be provided with an arsenal of fighter with evil spirits, magic artifacts and enchanted precious stones, as well as a book of powerful spells for the contingency.

Be alert and do not succumb to the temptations and enticements, because there are rumors that a vampire, who settled in the castle, is a beautiful woman, seeing of which blood freezes in the veins of even the experienced fighter of evil.


Slot machine “Vampires vs Werewolves”




Eternal confrontation in the moonlight became even closer in our slot machine “Vampires vs Werewolves”.

Now you can not only to watch for the battle of bloodthirsty monsters, but also to choose the side for whom you want to perform in combat. We’ve diluted gloomy themes with rich colors, so as not to bring you into despair, but on the contrary to raise your morale before the next round. Place your bets, collect points, participate in bonus games where you have to lay a long way to the survival of your race and enjoy the victories! Good luck!


Slot machine “Vampires”



Also, we present to your attention a slot machine based on the theme of vampires and dark forces –  slot machine “Vampires”. This slot provides the following:

There is a laboratory, in which once were carried the most horrible experiments and created potions, unusual by their structure and color. Now this room is crowded by the variety of bottles with medicines for colds, and the library is bursting at the seams due to the collections of cookbooks and recipes. Suddenly flashed a shadow and you’re flinching, but there is nothing to fear, because it’s just a cute black cat, in the neck which a mysterious key is dangling. What he opens, and the consequences of your curiosity? Find it with us in the game slot machine “Vampires”.