Game by chance on the slot machines

Game by chance on the slot machines

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The so-called game by chance is represented, as a rule, in three varieties of online casino gambling: multifunctional video slots, classic slot machines and a variety of video poker. For none of the above categories, it is not mandatory, but most software manufacturers for online gambling implement this option in many of their models (some do not do without it at all).

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First, let’s briefly explain to beginners what this round is. It can be started at the end of the main draw, which brought the payment. Participation in it is never mandatory, because the client decides what to do with the money. In this part of the game, you can significantly increase the payout if you can meet certain conditions. Usually it is allowed to act several times in a row, but the right to an error is never granted. The first wrong answer means that the money at stake goes to the cashier’s office. Here the client plays on an equal footing with the casino. In other words, the probability of winning and losing is 50/50.

In the traditional form it is allowed to put the entire payment. Sometimes it is suggested to risk half the amount. Even less often you can choose which part of the win to bet on the round. Almost always there is a maximum limit, upon which the game automatically ends.

Now you can go to the main versions of this function

Movement on the steps

This is the simplest and, perhaps, the least interesting variety, well known to players with experience in the models presented in the first slot-halls in the post-Soviet space. Visually, it can be framed in several variations, which does not change the essence.

The client should simply indicate whether he continues the game or completes the round. If he bets, the program determines whether he is the winner or the loser. With a lucky coincidence, his payment doubles, and he moves to the next step of the staircase or pyramid.

This option is still found in the games of some manufacturers, although we can not but admit that it is gradually being replaced by newer versions.

Pirates gamble - bonus game

Color card

The suggestion to guess the color of a closed card is one of the most common varieties. The principle, we think, is understandable without explanation. Choose red or black. Guessed – the payment has doubled. They did not guess – they lost the bet.

In the Merkur slots, the client, having received payment, can choose one of two options: move along the pyramid steps or select the color of the closed card. It can not be said that any of them is more profitable, but the availability of an alternative is always a plus.

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Color or suit of the card

Many developers in the risk-game offer the user to choose what he wants to guess: the color or suit of a closed card. In this case, the correctly named suit doubles the payout, and a correctly defined suit increases the amount four times. There are no other principal differences from the variant with the naming of only a suit.


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Selecting a private card

This option is most often implemented in video poker, although sometimes it is also found in video slots. Having launched the round, the client sees one open card and several closed ones. He must choose one of those that lie face down. If she is older than the visible card, the winnings will double. Otherwise, the user loses the bet. If the face value is equal, a draw is declared, and the player decides what to do next. Suits of cards do not matter.

Game by chance of the slot machine


Hopefully, our article has opened your eyes to the surprisingly wide variety of versions of such a common option as the game by chance. Many users initially refuse it, although it can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and simply add variety to the gameplay. We think from now on you will not be one of them.

If you want to share your impressions of the article or wish to point out the versions not described above, leave feedback in the comments.