FindFace technology will help improve the safety of the casino

FindFace technology will help improve the safety of the casino

Casino Security

What is the meaning of technology?

Since the fraudsters are constantly becoming more cunning, casinos regularly improve their security. FindFace technology will help catch more criminals and protect the casino will raise a whole new level. The experts came to the conclusion that FindFace, which is now used in social networks can be a great tool for the casino. The project was launched in March 2016 and has gained great popularity. The principle of the development is that the only person on the photos you can find all the information about it. Credibility is about 70%. You load the usual photo and see the name, city and special interest guests.

The picture with photos sent to a special server, where it is compared with the photographs of all the social networks and media profiles. After that, given the maximum information about the person, the photo of which coincides with the set.




This hit the virtual world

Two months after the launch of the program has received more than 50 million registered users. more than 3 million requests have been sent. The stunning success led to the fact that FindFace Cloud API began to be used by enterprises.

FindFace Cloud API scans a database of companies and easily identifies potentially dangerous person. The product uses more than 100 firms.


Casino Safety

How does this help the casino?

FindFace technology will help improve the safety of the casino. Casino Diamon Fortune began to use the technology, and it showed quite good results. To identify the program criminals and fraudsters using video surveillance systems will be constantly scanning faces. The information will be compared with a common base for all casinos. If a person is behaving suspiciously, he visited many casinos or try to cheat the system once it is calculated. The main advantage is that the technology works effectively in low light conditions that the casino is extremely important. Poor lighting and a lot of people make it difficult to provide reliable protection. FindFace API is designed to solve this problem. In addition to the security program will also analyze the gaming habits and preferences of the players. Staff immediately offer the customer what he wants.

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The technology will improve the security and service level. Playing places will get a higher income. If the final result is positive, development will uniquely use in other countries, for example, in US. Each of the casinos in Las Vegas for the day served thousands of people. It would be nice to recognize the cheaters and regular customers only for parties.

Casino Security