What enrages players in some slot machines

What enrages players in some slot machines

Game reel of slot "Panda"

Having tested several thousand video slots for casinos in recent years, we have identified several functional features and design solutions that developers want to give for hands. So, in which cases does the slot machine infuriate players


When you can’t play on your smartphone

Mobile casinos are the fastest growing industry in modern gambling. Here are the experts’ forecasts for 2018.

  • The number of users playing on smartphones will reach 165 million people.
  • The total amount of bets on mobile devices will exceed $ 100 billion.

What do the developers and operators of gambling think, do not want to adapt the video slots for smartphones?


When not explain all the points of the rules

You launch a slot machine, open a payout table – and you see one or two pages with coefficients and a couple of common phrases. I understand that the rules are intuitive, that they can understand the testing process, that the process is automated and so on. But I want to know what to expect from the video slot.

Explain how payments are calculated, how special symbols work, on what conditions the free-backs are, give information on the theoretical return. Otherwise, it seems that they want to deceive me.




When it’s difficult to change the stake size

We know that betting systems do not help win at slot machines. But constantly playing for one sum at stake is boring. It is much more interesting to try to catch luck, so some players constantly change the size of the bet.

Most developers’ slots allow you to do this on the main control panel. But some manufacturers complicate the process. For example, you can select the number of active bands, the size of the stake in coins and the cost of chips only in the menu.

Apparently, removing numerous buttons from the panel, they try to simplify the interface. But, believe me, not everyone is happy about this.

When there is no autoplay

The automatic mode of playing video slots is a function that acts on the hands of gambling operators. Charter to press the buttons, the user does not pause, but continues to participate in the game process on the machine. The longer he is in the game, the more his money will move to the cashier’s office.

This is a familiar situation, but people still need an auto game. She simplifies their life in many situations. Considering that it is beneficial to the casino, it is not at all clear why some phones do not.

For the sake of justice, I note that slots without an auto game are less and less common.



When rules on one page with a scroll bar

It is permissible to publish rules and characteristics of the model in a reference section on one page, which opens in an additional tab. If players are offered a payout table in one window, a description of bonuses and other information about the video slot, you want to immediately exit the game.


When there are no user settings

In the slot machine, you can turn off the sound and … everything. Are you seriously? You can not choose the speed of the gameplay, adjust the sound parameters, choose the size of the window? Is it really so difficult to implement.

Give at least the opportunity to turn off background music, leaving the sounds of the game. Let me set the limits in automatic mode. Allow me to stop the drums ahead of time and accelerate the withdrawal of money to the account. These options make the gameplay really more comfortable.

You want the player to play on the slot machine as long as possible?




When the game takes a long time to load and slows down

Now many software developers are betting on the entertainment of slot machines. We will not list brands – you yourself know whose slots have the most spectacular 3D graphics and stunning animated screensavers.

It is worthy of respect, but excellent schedule pleases until the game begins to blunt. If you have an old computer or a slow Internet, the video slot can brake even on the minimum graphics quality settings.

Do you count on advanced gamers with powerful machines? Believe me, there are not many Internet casino fans among them. Try to make your colorful games available to all users.


When there is no data on the theoretical return

It seems to me that regulators of gambling and independent auditors should require that all software developers directly in the pay table or in the reference section indicate the RTP video slot.

The level of theoretical return is the main characteristic of the slot machine. It must be taken into account first of all when choosing a model.

If there is no return data, I’m beginning to think that the manufacturer wants to hide it. What for? Maybe it’s too low.

Some companies do not indicate RTP in the reference attached to slot machines, but publish this information on the official website. What is interesting, often the return is quite competitive or even one of the best in the industry. What makes them do this?




When the startup screen saver can not be disabled

Many slot machines (especially themed) begin with animated screensavers that introduce users to the heroes of the slot and demonstrate the possibilities of gameplay. These videos are really spectacular and cognitive, but it’s interesting to watch them once or twice.

Please allow them to be disabled. Do not make the end of the boring video every time you start the game machine.

I am glad that most manufacturers give the opportunity to deactivate such screensavers.


When you can not turn off the game for doubling

Many players do not like to try to double payouts. Therefore, they are horribly enraged when they are forced at every win to give up the risk-game and manually transfer money to the balance.

Rid them of this macabre archaism that has survived since the first online slots.




When the game is slyly translated

The lack of translation into the native language of a potential client is a drawback. But even worse, if the interface and rules are available in poor-quality translation. Strange interpretation of well-known terms, stylistic flaws in the description, grammatical errors in the reference section – all this irritates even more.

If you do not have a professional interpreter in your staff, limit yourself to the English version.



What do you think about what was said above? Do you agree? Really no? We invite you to a discussion.

Also write in the comments that you are annoyed at the slot machines. We will try to communicate your opinions to software developers. Hopefully, they will take note of customer complaints and eliminate the drawbacks of video slots.