Advantage Play – what is it and what are its features?

Advantage Play – what is it and what are its features?


Not all Internet users are familiar with the concept of “Advantage Play”. Also, not everyone knows which games fit this designation, and why even know about it. Advantage Play is a game with the advantage of the user over the casino. It is measured in percentage and is completely opposite to the concept when the casino has an advantage over the users.


What it is?


Not every game can be “advantage”. This concept is applied only to some slots in which the calculation is carried out with a certain mathematical superiority of the user. As you know, land-based gambling houses introduce their own rules, which allow them to maintain even a minimal superiority. The mathematical advantage is also inherent in online slots, it is measured in percentage. For example, in video poker it is 0.1%, and in European roulette it is 2.7%. This advantage shows how many spins will not be effective in a certain segment of the game.


Advantageous users try to take this rule into account and choose such slots in which there is a minimal advantage. After that, they use a variety of tricks that allow you to align the performance or drag it to their side. This is especially interesting in the offline mode, where you need to think for yourself which move to make, monitor your opponent’s emotions and apply a variety of strategies.


Features of the Advantage Play

Only in some games is it possible to equalize the potential advantage or reduce its percentage. But for this, users have to calculate several moves ahead.


For example, the superiority of the player is observed in the game of blackjack and some of its variations. The percentage ranges from 0.1 to 1.5%. But this is enough for a professional user. Poker is also considered to be advanced, where the percentage of user superiority is up to 2%. But this is possible only if a number of game rules are observed: the user must constantly count, monitor the results, not express his emotions, and much more.


What games are non advantageable?

In addition to advanced games, there are non-advanced games that have minimal chances of a mathematical miscalculation by the user. That is, they have the highest casino superiority. These games include roulette, craps, keno. Nevertheless, such entertainment remains the most popular among users. And here it is not about superiority, but about the very interest and the level of excitement.


Who is an Advantageous player?

It can only be called a professional user who brings his game to perfection. He specializes only in certain games, and also often uses certain techniques to calculate the results. Advantageous players don’t rely on luck, they approach the game coldly, with mathematical calculations. This gives its results.
Since advantivity is not at all related to fart, it is not available to beginners. Such users must clearly follow the strategy, be attentive and diligent, and not lose their cool. To get even a minimal advantage, you need to carefully select the game, painstakingly study strategies and tactics, practice on the games and study them thoroughly.