What do you need to know about the Scatter symbol?

What do you need to know about the Scatter symbol?


Presence / absence of Scatter in slot machines

As a rule, in most modern video slots there is a Scatter or a symbol that fully or partially fulfills its usual duties. It can be called Free Spins, Scatter Wins, Bonus or somehow different, which, in general, does not change its essence. In traditional three-reel slot machines with one-three lines, it usually does not happen, as well as free spins.

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Formation of combinations from Scatter and calculation of payments on them

The most common situation is the formation of combinations from Scatter, located in any position on the screen, when active lines and bet on them do not play a role. The minimum number of such symbols to receive a payment is three (less than two), and the amount of winnings is calculated at the general rate. Examples will not be given, because such slots are the overwhelming majority. Surely you yourself now remembered a few similar games.

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Running Free Spins with Scatter

Usually free starts start in the slot machine after the screen in any position falls from three Scatter. Free Spins does not necessarily launch the Scatter symbol. Sometimes this task is assigned to bonus symbols that do not bring payouts, but only begin some additional rounds.

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Scatter with limited functionality

The main limitations of the capabilities of the Scatter symbol are related to the principle of the formation of combinations or the order of triggering spins. For example, in rare cases they are paid only on one line. Sometimes Scatter only form combinations according to the rules typical for them, but they do not run free spins (and vice versa). Fortunately for the players, such features of the rules are not so common.

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As you can see, Scatter is not always trivial. In addition, software developers are constantly releasing new original models with unusual features of such symbols. If we find such video slots, we will tell you about them in additions to this article. So check for updates, and keep abreast of all the latest news in the world of gambling.