Virtual Reality Online Gambling – achievements in 2016

Virtual Reality Online Gambling – achievements in 2016


The development of virtual reality technology has led to a number of significant achievements in recent years. It seems there is no such industry in the world that would not have wanted to take advantage of new developments for their own purposes. Such plans also have representatives of the gambling industry. Only one question remains: how virtual reality fit into an established gameplay.

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Current advances in VR technology can play all those emotional and physiological sensations that a normal person experiences in a real casino. With the help of virtual reality glasses players today can stroll through the lobby of the restored detail gaming establishments, to communicate with the staff and time for any gaming table. This opens up a whole new dimension to games, making VR device in one of the most promising and exciting future technologies.


How does it work?

Oculus Rift and GameFace are two companies that have worked for a long time to develop something called Virtual Reality Casino. Imagine that you put on a huge diving mask that covers all of your eyes blacking everything out and then a screen appears where you interact with a game controller and your hands. The layout of the casino in the glasses is as normal casino would be, a lot of red velvet and calm music. You walk forward and around by using the game controller for now and when you sit down at a table, you can via the webcam activate so that you use your own hands, just as you would do at a real casino.

Playing casino in your home through a tablet or smart phone have never been as popular as it is now, and to connect the Virtual Reality Casino to a smart phone with voice navigation and the easy wireless access would be a hit. Oculus Rift have been bought by Facebook, so there is a lot of money being but into this. With competition such as Google, Samsung and Sony starting to raise their eyebrows at Facebooks interest, the projects on Virtual Reality might speed up a bit. This is also that will be used towards the game industry too of course, but it haven’t really had a breakthrough yet, but rumors go that we might have the first products for the public out in just a few years.

Of course this is in one sense the next step of online gambling, playing video slots, table games and poker and it should only be a matter of time before the casino experience have gone to the next level and you can start to interact with other players inside the casino, just as you would in reality. So when there are some news about these projects, you can be sure that we will give you all the latest updates about this.

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