Unusual features of the slot machine symbols – “Wild”

Unusual features of the slot machine symbols – “Wild”


The Wild symbols, also called Substitute, are found in most modern video slots. Quite often, their analogs come across even in traditional slot machines with three drums and one or three lines. The main function of Wild is to replace other characters in situations where it helps to form combinations. In this case, Wild can often make payments without the participation of other pictures. Moreover, there are slots in which winnings are accrued even for one such symbol appearing on the screen. But Wild is not limited to this. Developers of software for online casinos often expand their functionality with the help of unusual options, which we want to tell the readers of the portal Casinoz.me. First we will describe those that are found most often, and below we will consider unique developments related to Wild. So, let’s begin.

shinobi_wild    Empire_of_gauls_anim_dog  Life of Minions_anim_Wild

Symbols that replace Wild

In the classical version, Wild, appearing in a suitable position, is able to replace any pictures, except Scatter, Bonus and other special characters. Sometimes, if Scatter forms combinations according to common rules (in a row on the active line), then Wild can also become in its place. We can do without examples in this case, because such slot machines are known to every client of any online casino.

       et_eye           panda_wild               rich-pirates_map       wild-mayan-cat-savage

Forming combinations from Wild

In most cases, if Wild falls out on all reels, they can form combinations according to common rules without the participation of other pictures. As a rule, in such slots Wild are the highest paid symbols. Similar slot machines can be found, probably, from all manufacturers of software for online casinos

vampires-vs-werewolves_wild                           Mafia hunt_anim_wild-cop-fire                            blackbeards-booty_anim_wild

Payout multipliers

One of the nice additional Wild functions, often found in slots, is the payout multiplier, which is effective for combinations formed with this symbol. In other words, if Wild replaces a character in some combination, the gain on it will be multiplied several times.


smallies_co_anm_Wild                         Ikitan's_quest_anim_001                    Dark_thirst_anim_Comp-3                       la_vida_mexicana_wild

Wild, coming in bands on drums

In some slot machines Wild symbols go by strips. Therefore, they can occupy the whole drum after spin.

mexican-fis_anim_sugar_skulls1             face_off_wild              Legendlore_anim_wild

Extra features of Wild in free spins

During free runs, Wild’s capabilities are sometimes extended. He can appear in stripes, occupy the entire drum, make “wild” neighboring characters and so on.                                          Vikings_anim_druid       gods_of_olympus_anim_a7               maya_anim_leo-man

As you can see, Wild symbol makes the game process more diverse and, accordingly, fascinating, not to mention additional benefits for customers. We have considered far from all the possibilities that he can have in different video slots. In addition, the developers do not stop there and regularly come up with something new. Therefore, we will periodically update this article.