Three or five reels? Does more always mean better?

Three or five reels? Does more always mean better?


Queen casino decided to call roulette, but this is nothing more than a tribute to an old tradition. The true kings of gambling have long been slots. Their hegemony is especially pronounced in online gambling. In any online casino, there are several times more slot machines than all other gambling combined. On the largest portals, the number of video slots is not even hundreds, but thousands. Dozens of famous developers and numerous little-known studios regularly release new slot machines. They devote them to various topics, realize unique bonuses in them, surprise customers with unexpected prize functions and lure potential players with spectacular animations. The first mechanical slot machines consisted of three reels and featured a simple, even monotonous gameplay. Five-reel models with several types of symbols, free spins, bonuses and other gameplay options are currently the most common. There are also games with four, six and a different number of reels, but this is rather exotic.

Can we say that five-reel slots are better than three-reel machines? Or should I say the opposite? Such statements are nothing more than a subjective opinion that cannot be regarded as a universal rule.



Three reels

Five reels

Number of reels 3 5 and more
Number of lines 15 From 9 or no lines at all
Special symbols There may be analogs of scatter symbols and symbols forming mixed combinations There are Wild, Scatter, multiplier symbols and all kinds of bonus pictures
Risk game Not Often
Free Spins Not One of the most common options
Bonus Games Not Come in different variations
Volatility Usually high More often low or medium
Themes Classic The most diverse



Which slot machines pay more?

In both categories, slots with very low and fairly high rates of return to the player are presented. The RTP level does not depend on membership in a particular group. However, most experienced online casino customers are likely to agree with this statement: Among the simple three-drum gaming machines, there are more models with a high theoretical return.
In any case, getting acquainted with a new game, always study the characteristics and pay attention to RTP.


Which gaming machines pay more often?

The frequency of payments in this paragraph refers to the degree of volatility. It is also called variance or dispersion of a video slot. The higher it is, the winnings are less, but larger. Most new slot machines with five reels have an average level of volatility, although there are models with a very low or fairly high level.

Among three-reels machines, games with a higher than average variation prevail. This is due to the small number of active lines, the lack of bonuses and special characters. In recent years, developers indicate the dispersion indicator in the reference sections that are attached to the model, or in the description on the official website.


Which slots are more interesting?

The answer to this question can be exclusively subjective. Each client has their own idea of what an interesting slot machine should be. Someone loves frequent payouts, someone prefers free spins, and someone is bored without the pursuit of funded jackpots. It can be unequivocally argued that in five-reel video slots the gameplay is usually more diverse. It is not uncommon for models in which free spins, jokers, scatters, multipliers, bonus games, and jackpots are available immediately.