Slot machine for SALE – “Zorro”

Slot machine for SALE – “Zorro”




Zorro Themed online slot game

The world learns about Zorro for the first time in 1919, when Johnston McCully publishes The Curse of Capistrano. The character was so fond of the people that the writer devotes a whole cycle of novels to him, where he describes in detail the life of the Spanish Robin Hood. There are a lot of versions from whom exactly McCully wrote the image of the Spanish avenger. According to one of them, it was Robin Hood who became the prototype of Zorro. There is also a version that a certain William Lamport, an Irishman, posing as the illegitimate son of King Philip III, became the prototype of the image. But these are the most famous ones. The author of the novels refrained from commenting on this, so we cannot find out a reliable answer. People fell in love with Zorro so much that today quite a lot of films and cartoons have been shot about the life of this Spaniard. Interesting fact: it is believed that Zorro is the prototype of Batman, they both hide the name behind the nickname, have their own sign and fight the bandits. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Splash Screen above shows Zorro’s mask with his trademark, red rose and a letter. The image below is animated – a mask, a rose and a letter reflect light, covered with glare and are surrounded by small bluish lights.


The game reels evoke a complete Zorro association thanks to the rapiers and the Z-shaped branding at the top corners of the forged frame. The game symbols breathe with Spain: a folding Spanish fan; rose flower; Zorro’s whip; his mask; a letter with a rose lying on it; beautiful Spanish woman; Zorro with a rapier, and Wild and Jackpot symbols. Below on the panel there are: buttons for starting the game, start and stop of autospin, game menu, help. It is also possible to increase or decrease the bet, see the balance and winnings.



In the first (daytime) version of the background, we see an old Spanish-style street with a cobblestone path and a bell tower in the background.



The night version of the background is used for Free spins game mode. We see warm light emanating from the windows, as well as the alluring mysterious moon and the shadow of Zorro himself on the wall.



Further we see four symbols: Jackpot – Zorro’s rapier with his trademark; Wild – the Spanish avenger on the faithful horse Tornado; a symbol depicting a beautiful Spanish woman with a red fan in her hands and roses in her hair; and the last one is Zorro with a rapier in his hand.



The symbols are animated: the rapier decreases and increases, and a spark runs along the “Z” sign; The tornado, with Zorro sitting on it, breathes furiously and sparkles with his eyes; an irresistible Spanish woman waves her fan; and on the rapier in Zorro’s hands, the reflection of the moon runs.


Further, we see in more detail a fan, a letter with a rose, a mask, a rose and a whip.


Like all the previous ones, these symbols are animated: they emit shine, the mask sparkles with red “eyes”, and the fan waves.


The following are the low symbols – brightly colored letters with gold outlines.



On the first paytable we can see Zorro, riding a Tornado, and his rapier with the Z sign. Wild replaces any symbol to create a payline. To get a huge win – catch 3 or more Jackpots.



The second paytable deciphers the meanings of the symbols with the images of Zorro and the Spanish woman.



In the next image we see a fan, a letter with a rose, a mask, a rose and a whip, and opposite each symbol is its meaning.



And then – paytable with Low symbols values.


Congratulatory pop-up with the inscription BIG WIN is made in gold letters and strewn with rose petals.



Below the image, we see an animation with this congratulation and a glare passing through the letters.


The next screen with the MEGA WIN inscription is made in the same style and on the same background as the previous one, but the inscriptions on it are larger.



In the animation, rose petals are added to the MEGA WIN inscription, which crumble from above.


The Gigantic Win pop-up is drawn in gold-outline blue letters with a blue glow and highlights around the lettering.



Colossal Win is written in red lettering with gold outlines against a green glow and highlights.



Next, the animation demonstrates how Colossal Win appears on the screen.


Unbelievable Win is designed with gold lettering set against a reddish-gold glow and gold highlights.



And the next animation is the appearance of the inscription Unbelievable Win.


The following image shows the message that the free game is complete.



Immediately after that – thanks for the game and the amount of the winnings.


Next, we see a notification about the accrual of 10 free spins.



And the last is the image of the Free Spins mode selection screen, where you can select one of three modes: the first option – 20 spins, the second – 10 spins at a doubled rate, the third – 5 spins at x4 bet.