Slot machine for SALE – “Greek Goddesses”

Slot machine for SALE – “Greek Goddesses”




Greek Themed online slot game

The «Greek Goddesses» game is stunning and extraordinary. Each of the goddesses, in his earthly incarnation and human appearance, helps the suffering to find faith in the higher beginning. The Supreme Gods pass through the Olympus staircase, bringing hope to man. Three famous Greek goddesses fulfill their divine purpose by turning simple objects into magical attributes by running an online automaton. Athena easily wields the spear of fate and dispenses justice. Her warlike image inspires confidence in the warriors. Artemis wears her holy bow and shoots the miracle arrow right into the target. With the goddess’s blessing, every hunter gets his prizes. The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, helps every hungry heart to meet. Her piercing loving gaze captivates every free heart, filling with a sense of passion and tenderness. Three capital «A» create a union of Greek goddesses. Their powers ignite the slot and the sense of ancient gods overwhelms every Greek symbol. The Olympic flame is on fire, the time for the game begins! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reel is decorated in the ancient Greek style. On the marble stone is carved the golden name «Greek Goddesses». Solid stone heads of the goddesses surrounded this inscription and sealed in laurel leaves. The reels itself consists of two free screens connected by a metal frame. The expanded symbols of the goddess are located in a large window decorated with a clever wood carving. Copper patterns of flowers touch the deity. The cup of gods burns with eternal flame and separates the symbols into separate rows drawing them on an ancient canvas. The control panel is written with ancient characters. «Balance» «Entries» «Potential Win or next win» «Entry level» windows are worked in the same style, and decorated with the wings of the master blacksmith Hefest. «Reveal» makes a quick start to the game. The rest of the keys in the game are stuffed on a marble canvas and radiate the power of the game.


On the high northern slope of the mountain there is a town – a sanctuary of the kingdom of Zeus. Everyone who climbs the steps of Olympus passes the tests of strength, wisdom and dexterity. The closer one gets to the sacred Olympus, the stronger one feels the power of the place. Zeus sits on the great throne, surrounded by his brothers and other gods and goddesses. The eagle’s watchful eye looks around and watches over the mountain. Aside from the kingdom, there is a viewing platform where the gods consider the world of men and judge offenders. The whole mountain is shrouded in green growths of wild bushes. With the sunrise, the beginning of a new day and new trials for humanity. Whether there is a blessing from Heaven or a punishment depends on the actions of every mortal. At nightfall the fire of Olympus is lit, in it all foreign thoughts burn out. The world of the gods rests and enjoys the idleness of its majestic home.




The expanded symbols of the goddesses rise before us. Aphrodite – In Greek mythology, the goddess of beauty and love symbolizes fertility and is the goddess of marriage. Everything beautiful that surrounds man is his creation. Artemis – the eternal young goddess of hunting, female chastity, patron of all life on Earth, gives happiness in marriage and help at the birth of a baby. The cult animal of Artemis doe and bear. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, military strategy and tactics, war and victory, knowledge, arts and crafts. She is one of the most revered goddesses, patron of cities, sciences and mastery of mind, skill and ingenuity.


The magical symbol of Zeus is the chief of the gods of the Olympians, commands the heavens, the thunder and lightning that controls the world. Knows the future, the founder of laws, defender of justice. Zeus attributes, shield and double axe, sometimes eagle. The secret symbol «Greek Goddesses» carries a powerful message to all mankind.


The golden ring of Artemis commands the animal world. A two-headed serpent, like a closed infinite cycle, gives birth to life and brings its end nearer. The Greek harp is a magical musical instrument that always plays and stops time. Oblivion goes away when a string breaks and the mind becomes clear and sober about the situation. A laurel wreath on a red pillow is like an offering to a great king. It contains the wisdom of the gods and the power of the goddesses.


Low symbols in the form of hieroglyphs. The carving and polishing of the stone decorated with a golden frame brings victory to the participant, and bestows divine abundance. Happy colorful symbols fill a number of antiquities.




The animation of the goddesses is filled with the sparkling radiance and glow of each sign. The water element envelops Aphrodite and gives her the power of calm and grace. The heavenly surface fills Artemis and ignites the power of the forest in her. Athena’s powerful spear cuts through the ground beneath the feet of the enemies. Zeus summons the power of lightning and lights up all the neon lights around. The Greek sign of the goddesses brings about victory and promises good fortune to the new arrivals with a fiery message. The ring is filled with magic and the streams of abundance breathe life into the new creation. The harp plays its infinite melody and bewitches all around. A royal wreath, juicy and fresh forever waiting for its king. The golden glimmer of the hieroglyphs completes the entire grid of symbols and mystifies the entire slot.






The bonus game is represented by hidden columns, behind the veil of which there is a new opportunity to succeed and increase your savings. Given several attempts, with the right choice opens golden laurel wreath with a winning amount, if not the right choice, we see broken columns of the temple.




The Big Win dazzles with its blue glow and gives the award to the winner. The traditional unforgettable Mega win strews all around gold and green fairy dust. Gigantic win, victorious and majestic in the twinkling of a thousand stars. Precious Colossal win, strewn with colorful diamonds from the belt of Aphrodite. The purple Unbelievable win presents its royal divine prizes.







There will always be information in the greeting window about receiving additional free spins or opening a bonus game. The payment table contains all the secrets of the gods of Greece. Every ancient symbol brings its own winning sums, the combinations of winning lines are filled with cash prizes. Painting the marks on the parchment, will tell which lines are the most powerful and filled with the power of goddesses.