Slot machine for SALE – “World of Dwarfs”

Slot machine for SALE – “World of Dwarfs”



Dwarfs Themed online slot game

Dwarves have an exceptionally peaceful and generous character, which goes well with their unbridled cheerful disposition. The slot machine has 5 reels and 50 fixed lines, so the spinning starts with placing bets. The start key launches a spin; the combination is formed according to the classical rules – from the same pictures placed from left to right, continuously. The slot will please the presence of a Wild symbol and Scatter. The plot of the slot machine reveals with the help of themed symbols. Themed symbols are present as the family of funny gnomes and the attributes of the magical forest in which they live. An important symbol in the theme set is the magic tree, as it acts as a Wild. It replaces the missing symbols to complete the combination, for which a certain prize amount will be paid. A stone with runes is used as a Scatter and starts Free Spins. The control panel has function keys. The BET key sets the bet size. The SPIN button spins the reels. There is a mode of automatic start of the game. If you’re interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The background of the slot machine is a fabulous silence of nature. It froze under the rays of sun in the water. A qualitatively predominant shade is green, effectively conveying the landscape features of a magical country, where friendly little gnomes live in peace with nature. The shades of colors are fresh, realistic and give off the warmth of the sun. Flowers are scattered along the tender blades of grass, among which fireflies and bugs are hiding. Unusual sizes – mushrooms, attract the eye and cause a smile, organically fit into the overall structure of the design. In the foreground you can see a small lake from which a stream runs into the thicket. Trees stretch to the horizon. And so much light, sun, air! I want to throw myself on the grass, splash in the water and enjoy the fun of little men.





Among the thematic symbolism that can be found on the playing field is a bee collecting flower nectar; unusual mushrooms; a bouquet with sunflowers; the main characters are a family of five gnomes (mother, father, son, daughter and grandfather); a mysterious stone with mysterious runes applied to it and a magic tree of druids – the embodiment of the power of the forest inhabitants. There are also images of card suits, which seem to be carved from stones of different colors. All elements transfer the player to the fantastic world of fairy-tale events with a fun storyline.



In the bonus game, on an additional field, the player will see six stones with mysterious runes inscribed on them, of which only three must be selected, receiving the coveted reward if the answer is correct.



Either mushrooms or sunflowers hid under the stones. The first ones will not bring profit, but the flowers will significantly replenish the player’s balance. This is a fascinating slot that is addictive from the first minutes and will teach you how to relax, while receiving a substantial profit.



After each successful spin, the participant can transfer the winnings immediately to his balance, which will be displayed on a stone, framed by green grass and flowers, with funny bugs at the top.











Master the gameplay is not difficult. A table with information help will help you to sort out the coefficients assigned to the symbols of the machine. Some symbols have more functionality. Wild will be a universal addition to combinations. Appearing on the reels, he is able to occupy several positions at the same time, replacing the main image to bring a win. Three or more Scatter symbols activate a round of Free Spins.



The symbolism of the game turned out to be very thematic, and therefore fits perfectly into the general concept of the slot machine. Behind each symbol is a personal set of coefficients that determine an amount of the prize for a specific successful spin. The gnome family belongs to the main symbols, for which the maximum coefficients are applied.



Symbols combinations: sunflowers, a bee, mushrooms will be less profitable. All of them are united in one block and displayed in the third section of the payout table with an indication of the multiplier for each element.



Card suits are stylized according to the theme of the game and harmoniously combine with other images. They have lower payout ratios than thematic symbols, but because of their frequency of appearing, they are able to give a lot of profit.



Properly created animation will help the user to plunge into a beautiful fairytale world, filled with mythical creatures that, according to legend, live somewhere in dense forests and are friends with all its inhabitants.


We will introduce you to the wonderful world of these little men, united in one team. They are hardworking and brave. They are quite funny, they can be harmful and mocking, but in the soul of these Lilliputics are utterly kind. They will good-naturedly welcome a stranger.


Card suits are also animated, which matches to the general style of the slot.