Slot machine for SALE – “Samurai Win”

Slot machine for SALE – “Samurai Win”




Samurai Themed online slot game

Samurai or Busi, in feudal Japan secular men, ranging from large princes to petty nobles, in a narrow and most common meaning – the military feudal estate of small nobles. The word itself samurai resembles from an ancient uncertain form – to serve your master. Samurai are not only warriors-knights, they are bodyguards and servants in everyday life. The main weapon, two Japanese swords – dyse, later katana. Samurai armor was made from many plates, tightly woven. Samurai education, family training and teacher guidance were the two main factors, the foundation for the education of the youth of the warrior class, which formed the ideal defender, based on mythical tales, Buddhist indifference to death and fear, The Confucian cult of sons of reverence and the purely Japanese basis of loyalty to his master. Developing courage and courage, endurance and patience. In addition to training, future samurai were raised fearless and courageous, developing qualities in them that were considered the main virtues, under which a warrior could neglect his own life for the life of another. Every samurai lived by the Bushido code. True courage, to live and die rightly, to die go with clear consciousness, weigh every word, moderation in food, faithfulness to justice and courage. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reel is “brave” and “fearless”, surrounded by the strength of the warriors. The sublime inscription of the machine in golden tones on the red fabric of courage. The body of the reel is surrounded by wooden stands with rope binding. All the symbols are arranged even in groups, in their military ranks of guards. The mark of the law is on each sword, the rune of courage is painted on the armor of men. The control panel is balanced and confident. Solid windows of balance, bets and winnings. The spin key is expressed and neatly drawn. Automatic symbol rotation using the «auto» key. The bet amount can be changed by each warrior at his discretion. We gather our strength, we train our spirit and we fight.



The background of the machine is juicy and flowering. Endless fields, picturesque landscapes of mountains and rocks. Cherry blossoms in a circle. A gentle breeze blows the petals out of the trees, sweeping them far away and clearing the mind. Calm breathing, fully prepared for training, sharp sword defender. Hard work on yourself every hour. Perfecting a warrior’s skill, stability and reliability. Adhering to the Bushido Code, strong charisma, all this totality is a true samurai. Whether it be rain or gusty winds, night or day, a warrior is always on guard.



The High samurai symbols are outlined with a cloud of courage. The bonus sign will show the warrior’s readiness and clear his thoughts. With this symbol you can accumulate and open the bonus game and increase your winnings. A wild talisman to show off a beautiful woman in a national costume. A sophisticated and handsome girl with a marble face replaces other symbols in combination except the higher ones. The samurai mask or the protection and scatter symbol will throw the enemy into flight. Each defender is able to trigger new free spins in the game.

The golden lotus and a pair of samurai swords symbolize the courage and fearlessness of men. His loyalty to his feudal lord and perfect act at the right moment. Cherry flower is a significant symbol. Cherry blossom is a metaphor of life. Human life is fleeting, fleeting and beautiful, as nature is these days. A sign of samurai honor, an honorable symbol. It contains the code of bushido, all the rules of each warrior and his steadfast pursuit of his master. The rune of power is like a sacral mark on every samurai sword.


Impeccable Latin letters, painted with symbols of dragons and tigers. Tiger is a force and a perfect leap into the void. The dragon represents speed and immortality. The dragon’s breath triggers the life cycle of each samurai.


The animation of each symbol is bright and stunning. The samurai in the bonus, waiting to salute the host and take care of his loved ones. Crossed katana, touch and light golden lotus, opening each petal of flower. The scatter symbol approaches and increases, the samurai mask is strict and reliable. The cherry blossom is gold-plated, shimmering and moving. A young girl in a wild sign, able to charm anyone, to light a spark in every man’s heart. Rune protection shines success. Each letter fascinates the look with its form.


An animated bonus level, juicy and alive, hides behind each fan a cash prize. Successful moves will open the right fans with ready gold treasures. A reliable and full bonus reel awaits the times and winning combinations.


Popup, always announces winning lines, and congratulates the winner with cash prizes. Every samurai is always ready, every man is a protector. A samurai win is close enough to start the game and spin the reel, creating decent combinations of the warrior. Protect the weak, be true to yourself and the code, go your own way, find your truth, grow into a true samurai. Follow your heart, hurry up for your dreams, and become a major player and winner.


Cherry petals are scattered to the sides, delineating the logo «Samurai Win». Sunlight illuminates every letter of the inscription, the red background is filled with the hope of peaceful people and the readiness of every warrior. The golden inscription emits the light and bright shimmer of every word.


The reels frame is built by a team of top warriors. The burgundy background perfectly accommodates symbols, wooden ceilings, securely insulates mascots of heroes and creates groups. The name of the slot fits perfectly with every sign. The best day to make a samurai win.