Slot machine for SALE – “Sweet & Spins”

Slot machine for SALE – “Sweet & Spins”



Sweet Themed online slot game

It is known that people who like sweets tend to be more sociable, cheerful and responsive. Remember how Alice discovered the rule in Lewis Carroll’s fairy tale: “and vinegar that makes them sour, and camomile that makes them bitter, and barley-sugar and such things that make children sweet-tempered”. One way or another, life seems boring and uninteresting without desserts. All these bright sweets, mouth-watering cakes and flavored cupcakes evoke our best emotions. The “Sweet and Spins” slot is dedicated to them. This is a kind of time machine that will help players return to the best moments of their lives. The sight of these sweets makes everyone feel as carefree as in childhood.

The game reels resemble a tablecloth. The warm pastel shade itself awakens the appetite. And in combination with the playing field, it instantly evokes the association with the world’s best pastry shop. Pink color was not chosen by chance for the slot name. Each letter resembles a sweet candy. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The green line clearly shows the progress of the level. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is made in the form of a sweet dragee. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Variants of win combinations are demonstrated by bright lines that imitate twisted caramel or cocktail tubes. All kids love them! Each line is colored to make it easier for players to understand.



The game background is a paradise for any sweet tooth! A showcase of a wonderful pastry shop, where you can find everything your heart desires. A huge cake and exquisite cupcakes, donuts and eclairs, candies and marshmallows – there are desserts for every taste. Someone loves cookies with chocolate drops – here it is! Just reach out and get your favorite treat.



Do you know what a real, genuine delight is? Here it is, in the gaze of a child with a huge cotton candy. This Scatter symbol is a real explosion of joy. Each of us in childhood experienced such a feeling. When you dream about something, and then, finally, you get the desired toy or treat. Multicolored cotton candy shimmers and sparkles. This is a real miracle for a child! You look at the delight and the baby – and immediately you want to smile yourself.

All high symbols are cakes. Cakes and sweets can be on the table any day. But cake is a completely different matter! The cake is baked or ordered for a special occasion. This is a symbol of a holiday, a joyful meeting or some unusual event. There are three different cakes on the symbols. Pieces of carrot and lemon cake look very appetizing. Their texture and unusual combination of flavors stand out in the usual line of sweets. But the big chocolate-strawberry cake will appeal to everyone, without exception! The picture shows how the glaze covers the entire surface. Just about – and cakes will hide under a layer of chocolate. You have to wait while the cake is cut to enjoy its taste.



Animated symbols take players into the game world. We see a baby with cotton candy jumping up and down for joy. It seems that you can hear his thin voice and feel the taste of sugar that is in the air.  And the cakes look like they are being put on a plate. You know, this special moment, when the order is handed over to you from the shop window and you can breathe in the aroma of dessert for the first time.


Regular symbols – large lollipop and macarons. These are the most “instagram” sweets! They are used as attractive attributes in photo shoots and are used to decorate finished cakes. Such a dessert can be a nice present or a reward for yourself.



Animated symbols highlight the attractiveness of each of these sweets. The candy shines with a glossy sheen like a piece of ice. And light macarons fall on the plate and immediately remind you of what a delicate dessert it is. One touch is enough for the delicate surface to crackle and the cake is covered with tiny cracks.


Royal symbols – painted gingerbread in the form of letters. Multi-colored gingerbread cookies covered with glaze. They are reminiscent of cozy winter evenings, family dinners and a decorated Christmas tree.



Animated Royal symbols move the same way. The gingerbreads seem to grow larger as they approach the players. The icing on their surface glistens.


If the player receives bonus spins, he sees a congratulatory screen with a sign in the form of a menu. Cheerful pastry chef greets players and announces the number of bonus spins. Another version of the screen involves information boards with the score for the victory and the overall result. Such boards are placed above the background of the game. The winning combinations on the reel are highlighted for clarity.



In a case of win, the reels are darkened on the congratulatory screens. An inscription appears on it with information about the amount of the win. Depending on the win amount, the font color and size change.




In the case of obtaining the Jackpot, the game background and the reel under the greeting screen are darkened. The caption takes up most of the screen. Additionally, the screen is decorated with a scattering of purple sparks.




Paytables, the same as reels, are decorated with a cream tablecloth.



The background and the reel are darkened on the greeting screens in case of receiving bonus games. A plate similar to a menu appears. Next to her is a pastry chef who congratulates the players. The Ok button is designed as a dragee.



The design of all screens makes it as easy as possible for players to perceive information.