Slot machine for SALE – “Snow Kingdom”

Slot machine for SALE – “Snow Kingdom”




Northern Themed online slot game

The Ice Kingdom is located in the coldest place on Earth, it is not so easy to find it. Coordinates are available only to chosen daredevils and gamers. This slot scares away with cold, blizzard and frost, but confident gamers with a cold clear mind are given dazzling magical winnings! We suggest you to plunge into this new snowy world, stock up on warm mittens and scarves, and go on such an amazing adventure in this unusual tale of victories! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the game reels, the inscription “Snow Kingdom” attracts our eyes. An inscription made of magic blocks of ice and neither the sun nor the stream of heat can melt the name. It is beautiful and forever immortalized here in the Snow Kingdom and will remain in your memory for a long time. Let’s also pay attention to the elements of the game: a snow leopard and his piercing cold gaze, the Snow Queen in a magic diadem, a wise polar owl, an image of the Kingdom, a snow wolf, a magic block of ice and magic crystals.



On the slot game background, take a closer look at the magical Snow Kingdom. It is located at the very peak of the mountain, surrounded by hills and small slides. In the distance in the sky, a bright yellow sun is visible, which illuminates the road to the Kingdom. In the center of the Kingdom there is a magical river that never freezes.



The second picture of the game background shows a rock with magic crystals and multi-colored gems: they are dearly strewn into the rock. Crystals in pink, turquoise, blue and purple. Each of them has its own hidden power. Multi-colored precious gems invite you to enter the cave and see what will happen next. Do not be afraid to learn the magic of crystals, then you have chosen the right path, the path of heroes is the path of adventure, the road to the cave is open. Come in and take a look what awaits you here!



Let’s take a closer look at the game elements:

Scatter symbol is a snow leopard with cold, wise blue eyes and incredible physical strength. Can beat anyone with one left. Bonus symbol – this is the most beautiful woman, Her Majesty the Snow Queen – the mistress of snow and ice. Standing out for its beauty and crown adorned with magic crystals, the crown is strong in magic. The Snow Queen can enchant anyone. Wild symbol is a trail of a mysterious animal, be careful, it can confuse even an experienced traveler. Triple Wild symbol – it is left by a group of animals, loyal assistants of the Queen, they will lead you straight to the Queen.



On the symbol animation we see all the symbols in action: the Snow Lady on the background of the blizzard, which she created, blinks her beautiful eyes, as if charming her viewer. The snow leopard scares with a frightening roar, protecting its queen and its territory, looks like it wants to reach the player through the screen. The snow trail, over and over again appears and disappears in the snow, confusing the traveler on the road.


Middle category of symbols: the kingdom on the background of huge ice blocks that have frozen and complicate the path; a magic ice block shines with a mysterious glow; a wise snowy owl on the background of the night, observes order in the kingdom. Magic crystals in the form of precious stones dotted the icy surface; and the wolf, which looks with its green eyes straight into the soul of the player.



At the animation, we see all the Middle symbols in beautiful snowflakes that shine on the surfaces. The owl examines everything around, looks from side to side, and the wolf shows its grin.


Below we can see Low symbols – these are letters and numbers in frozen ice. Each letter has its own color.



At the animation, the Low symbols play with color in the sun and glitters.


In the bonus game, we see an almost naked Snow Queen on a throne decorated with lions. She looks very impressive, you just can’t take your eyes off her, this is another very nice bonus. She sits on her throne in the cave, like the true Lady of the snow and ice.



On the picture below we see the same beautiful view, crystals are also added. Crystals show their full strength, are presented in full size and each crystal is in the illumination that corresponds to each of the crystals.



On the animation, we can see how each crystal appears from its mini-caves and seems to be burning in fire. They seem to ignite each with their own color: bright yellow, fiery red, violet-pink, blue and green.


Below we are pleased with the Bonus inscription on the background of the game reels. The inscription is made in blue and ice solidification.



Also look out for the following signs: Five Free Games, Free Game. Here we can trace how the inscription free game is loaded and the last picture is already written in a larger font. All plates are made in the same style in ice drips.





The Snow Kingdom and its beautiful Queen invite you to join the game. Find your way to the jeweled cave and find your Great Bonus. Forward to victories!