Slot machine for SALE – “Halloween Fortune”

Slot machine for SALE – “Halloween Fortune”



Halloween Themed online slot machine

It is generally accepted that on the night before All Saints Day, the world of people is defenseless against otherworldly forces. To protect themselves from evil spirits, people began to use frightening attributes and install them in front of houses. Over time, superstitions disappeared, but the traditions of Halloween remained. Now we are happy to dress up for the holiday and decorate houses with pumpkins, artificial spider webs and figurines of bats. Candles are burning brightly in Jack’s Lanterns, the kids are collecting sweets from home, and we believe that something amazing can happen this evening. The slot “Halloween Fortune” opens the door to the world of luck for those who are ready to believe in a miracle. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –
The game reels are designed with the most popular Halloween symbols. On the sides of the reels frame there are small multi-colored pumpkins. The orange frame is decorated with silhouettes of bats. The “Spin” button is made in the form of a large glowing pumpkin. The bottom panel with information seems to be covered with cobwebs. The inscription with the name of the slot uses a font that simulates blood drips. Pumpkins with lights and spiders are located above the letters.



The game background  of the slot depicts Halloween night. Even the full moon looks like Lantern Jack – it looks like the eyes and mouth are carved into it, as they are usually carved on pumpkins. Moonlight rays illuminate the path to the castle. All the windows in the castle glow with bright light. It looks like fun is in there. A black cat sits on the fence. He might even seem cute, if not for one detail. Wings, like those of a bat, betray the connection of a cat with evil spirits.



High symbols depict the looks most often used for Halloween themed parties.Wild symbol – the image of a cruel killer from the movie “Friday the Thirteenth”. A maniac in a hockey mask scares even those who are not familiar with the famous horror movie about Jason Voorhees. It is easy to recognize a maniac not only by a hockey mask, but also by his favorite weapon – a machete. Only one detail in the symbol hints at the reincarnation on the occasion of Halloween – it’s a pumpkin in the character’s hand.

Bonus symbol – a cauldron with a magic potion. The pink liquid doesn’t just boil. Its jets, like a fountain, rush upward. Sparks and glow can be seen above the cauldron. Of course, this is magic. Or a Halloween trick – decide for yourself.

Scatter symbol is another popular shape, a werewolf. Just put on a mask, gloves with claws, and a tail, and a beautiful Halloween costume is ready. The werewolf is the perfect solution for a festive night. After all, it is at night that werewolves turn from unremarkable people into dangerous and invincible predators.

The next row of symbols introduces us to two more spectacular images. Perhaps the most popular girls’ Halloween costume is, of course, the witch. Such a charming witch on a broom can be found in our slot as well. If not for the broom and the high cap, the beauty in the seductive dress would have easily turned the heads of all the players. But this is a witch, which means you have to be careful. Although, perhaps it is this witch who will bring someone good luck in the game. The same spectacular symbol with the Headless Horseman. This character rides forward on a horse with a flaming mane. He holds a sword in his hand, and with his other hand he holds a pumpkin with a carved grin. And the third symbol is a skull engulfed in flames. This is not a harmless pumpkin with a carved face that symbolizes the head. This is a real skull, and the light from the eye sockets looks really terrifying. We have to remind ourselves once again that this is just an attribute of the holiday.

Low symbols – the classic designation of cards using letters and numbers. All symbols imitate festive decorations. The letters look like wooden figures decorated with candles, garlands, pumpkins and spider webs.



In the bonus game, symbols are carved pumpkins – Jack’s lamps.



Symbols already familiar to players are hidden behind the same pumpkins.



Paytables are designed on a solid black background. The frame around the pay table, as well as around the game reels, is framed like an orange border with silhouettes of bats.





On the same black background with an orange frame, greeting screens are designed.